Posted by: conservativecritic | January 5, 2010

Welcome to a fresh perspective on conservative issues

Getting sick and tired of hearing the politically correct commentary of talking heads and newspaper nerds, I have decided to provide a concise and fresh perspective on conservative issues that affect our world socially, religiously, politically and intellectually.  

Here you will find common ground  with others who share a concern for our nation, its family values, the Constitution and private industry.  All of these are under attack from a variety of sources – some visible, others hidden but both working to undermine a democratic society and move it toward a socialistic state where the state controls the population, rather than the population controlling and directing the government.

Our other concerns involve the environment(water, air and natural resources); focussing on prudent yet full and extensive use of these resources, unhindered by excessive government regulations which are designed to destroy private industry and hobble the public with unnecessary taxation, invasion of privacy and restriction of our God given resources.  

We have extensive experience in a wide range of technical areas including water purification, desalination and waste water processing.  New technologies, designed to assist private industry in its fight to maintain a clean yet fully utilized natural resource base, will be discussed.

The Internet has provided a vehicle for a wide range of charlatans who specialize in extracting large amounts of money from individuals who have neglected to research important topics which affect their lives and those of their families.  Where adequate information, cause and such disingenuous activity exists, we will identify such individuals, processes and their nefarious activities.  

This is not an easy road to travel – it will foster anger amongst those whose ill deeds are exposed to the light of truth and sound debate.  A blog such as this will be a sounding board for both supporters and naysayers on a wide variety of subjects – and we expect ad  hominem attacks on our efforts – and have integrated that into our decision to proceed with such an activity.

We welcome your support, opposition and erstwhile views – in an emerging national condition where many times “full transparency” and “open dialog” are promised but set aside for political, financial or other expedience.  

We ask that you only participate with factual information – as we will – and thereby contribute to either that common, conservative ground or antipodal viewpoints with free speech that is an important part of our country’s democratic foundations.

Finally,  we will occasionally post commentary or literary contributions by other individuals who we feel will enhance conservative dialogue and can move the discussion forward for a fuller and more thorough  understanding of critical issues in all of the above areas.  We will also provide references for printed material(books, periodicals, etc) on these conservative issues which we feel stand head and shoulders above the blather of most of what one finds at Barnes and Noble, in biased reporting of the New York Times and vitrolic MSNBC angst.

Enough said now – we will begin our commentary shortly.  

P.S. in the area of water purification issues and technology, you can find a comprehensive and factual information at our primary website:

Here’s to an enlightening 2010 and beyond….  Gene Shaparenko



  1. Hola from Mexico Gene. Nice job on the blog site…will see what I might be able to add. Thanks again…Lee

    • Hi Lee and Allan – hope all is well on the Mexican Riviera – I plan to give us all some things to think seriously about in the coming months – and welcome your critique and addition to these items. Nice to hear from you – stay in touch.

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