Posted by: conservativecritic | January 6, 2010


For generations, social engineers, strategically placed in global industry, finance, politics and religion have been carefully mapping out a plan by which a future unified government, currency and religion will provide a utopian environment for the world’s population.  The Christian bible describes this condition very aptly in Revelation and other supporting texts throughout scripture.

This gradual, creeping socialism was given a name by President Bush 41 in an address to the US  Congress some 15 years ago.  He called it a “New World Order” – a mechanism for eliminating wars, financial debacles, religious differences and an elimination of both national and class distinctions – in effect an abrogation of national sovereignty.  Bush 41 didn’t elucidate these individual and gradual changes that would occur in this metamorphosis from the USA we were given by our founding fathers to a condition of servitude to these elitist, social engineers who plot in darkness.  However, it takes only a few reviews of history to observe this current morphing of our national culture to one which is no different from the failed national experiments throughout Europe.

A wise man some time ago described the rise and fall of civilizations in the following cycle:  

“From bondage comes spiritual faith, and from spiritual faith comes courage.  From courage comes liberty, and from liberty comes abundance.  From abundance comes complacency, and from complacency comes apathy. From apathy comes dependency, and from dependecy comes bondage”.

It appears that the United States falls essentially very late in this typical 200 year cycle, somewhere in the apathy/dependency stage, and is rapidly descending down a secular humanistic, socialistic path.  Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere with Osama Bin Laden, this transition(and decline) should be quite obvious when changing political, financial, social, moral and spiritual  events flash daily across the global 24/7 news media.

Give us your thoughts on why these issues of decline are important to you and what we as a conservative segment of America need to do(besides throwing the bums out of Washington).



  1. The first step is waking the American people up which is a big problem due to the prevalent entitlement attitude in our society. The second step is voting all of the existing elected villians out of office and replacing them with officials that will establish term limits and communicate with their electorate. The third step is to revert back to following the constitution of the United States of America and the moral values that were followed to compose it and develope this country. The people,through their elected officials, must be actively involved in governing this republic for it to endure the trials ahead of us.

  2. A country which leads the world in homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, divorce, abortion, violent clime, drug usage, alcoholism, and child abuse; a county which embraces its enemies while betraying its friends; and a country which turns its back on its spiritual, Christ-centered heritage while believing itself to still be the greatest…is ready for a major fall. It happened to Rome, Babylon, Persia, Assyria, and Greece – it could happen to America in the next decade.

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