Posted by: conservativecritic | January 8, 2010

Administration Exposing Nation’s Secret Sources and Methods.

35 years ago, as a part of the aerospace military industrial complex, I probably had to endure a half dozen brutally invasive lie detector tests, and multiple extensive background investigations in order to work on projects which involved national security and related special methods and techniques.

And with a last name “Shaparenko”, the individuals evaluating my need for those high security clearances probably thought I was some sort of Russian spy.

Even breathing the words “CIA” in casual discussions was considered tantamount to treason, with possible revocation of top secret security clearances.  An important part of our job then was to protect the special sources and methods being used to protect our country against all types of enemies, both domestic and foreign.  While holding these high security clearances, the disclosure of these special sources and methods would likely get an individual fired and perhaps with  jail time to boot.

Clearly much has changed today – including such really dumb things as the President and his Adminstration openly disclosing what should be considered national security information – the reasons for our government’s failure to catch a terrorist attempting to bring down a jumbo jet heading for Detroit.

Here we have the President, proudly announcing all of the critical items which our intelligence and homeland security organizations failed to act on.  If there were a better way to alert out enemies as to the “soft spots” in our nation’s war on terror – it would be hard to find.  Dumb – really dumb!!

As the news agencies said a couple of days ago, verbatum, “…that they(the administration) was preparing to release the closest look yet at government missteps in the near-catastrophe”, unquote.

Those who have sworn to protect the United States as part of their oath of public office(and that includes the President and his staff) or induction into the military service, need to remember that old phrase from WWII – “loose lips sink ships” and button it up – regardless of egotistical announcements which are designed to give the impression that the President is  “on top of the problem” and “trying to fix it”.

There are National Security advisors such as 4 star General James Jones who also should know better.  Clearly General Jones did not learn anything about national security during his many years of military service since he is not giving disclosure advise to Obama on this sensitive issue – or he is simply afraid for his new civilian job.

I categorize this episode as one of clearly “aiding and abetting the enemy”.  Knowing what we “can’t” do is as important to an enemy as what we “can” do.

Obama, who has no experience whatsoever in this crucial area of his job, is likely deciding on the side of politics rather than national security. I hope I am wrong.

When we study the history of foreign intelligence activities against the United States, one thing becomes very clear. When our adversaries are successful in obtaining classified or other sensitive information, it is usually due to negligence, willful disregard for security, or betrayal of trust by our own personnel.

By the way,  none of the individuals who were appointed by Obama and in the direct line of command in dealing with these critical issues were canned.   What type of message does THAT send to others who may miss a crucial piece of intelligence in the future and know that they may only receive a slight slap on the wrist.

Perhaps this very public disclosure process is designed to take our focus away from other critical issues that the current Administration is unable to deal with.

What say you?



  1. I have always faulted the media for blathering our secrets to the world. They just want to be “first” with some jucy tale and don’t care what the fall out will be, how many lives will be lost because of their quest to be first. We watched last night the list of what the administration will be doing to “protect” us in the future!? The bad guys will just run their tests with the “new” perameters in place on their airport security machines.

    I was glad to see ‘O’ took responsibility for the failure….that way since he is at fault and can’t be fired that means no one will be fired! I don’t think we will see any ‘heads rolling’….after all they were brought up in the “sensitive” world where no one wins and no one looses….everyone gets a trophy for just being there! We’re doomed….

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