Posted by: conservativecritic | January 27, 2010

Haiti – A Timebomb or Simply Bad Luck?

Pat Robertson said a few days ago that Haiti was seeing God’s vengeance for its satanic and voodoo activities for the past 200 years.  Liberal talking heads quickly criticized that comment – clearly without any thought of spiritual implications.

A secular society has no concept of the historical significance of spiritually driven events.  For example, the Old Testament records a repeated sequence of alternative blessings and admonitions when the Jewish people followed or neglected what God had set before them as the correct spiritual path.

Haiti was the French centerpiece of the Caribbean – an island paradise flowing with trade, tourism and revenue. History records the dramatic economic and sociological changes that occurred about 200 years ago when the head of the Haiti government dedicated the island and its people to the devil.  Latent voodoo and satanic influences imported from Africa over the years began to take root, and with the Catholic church’s tacit approval, these practices became an integral part of the island’s spiritual footprint.  Parishoners attended Catholic mass in the morning and then went into the jungles in the evening and participated in shaman-led satanic “services” where animals were sacrificed to satan and all types of untoward activities took place.

To ignore this dramatic spiritual paradigm shift in Haiti’s society is to ignore historical activities that brought down ancient Rome and other ancient societies as their population began to follow strange and un-Godly practices.

So, before we castigate someone for drawing an example of Haiti’s degraded society, repeated onslaught by hurricanes and other natural disasters, it is important to understand that even with the enormous number of Christian missionaries who give their lives and fortunes to attempt to turn the population away from their satanic activities, occasional wakeup calls may be given by God to societies to alert them to the fact they have strayed from His perfect plan.

What do you think?


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