Posted by: conservativecritic | January 29, 2010


Claiming that some of the new, never-used housing trailers left over from Katria may have small traces of formaldehyde in their  construction, some Haiti representatives say this is a “self-serving” mechanism to unload defective products on the island population.

Bunko!  Here we have tens of thousands of Haitian refugees sleeping in the open, in cardboard boxes and worse, and some self-righteous Haitian government personnel scoff at US attempts to put some of these displaced individuals in free housing.  Millions of dollars in medical, food and water support have already come from the US to assist in mediating the earthquake disaster.  And, here we have housing trailers that were more than adequate for US citizens in the aftermath of Katrina – yet not good enough for Haitian refugees.  

Whether or not formaldehyde exists in ANY of these modular units is problematic – but clearly safer than living out in the open on a sleeping bag(or worse) with snakes, bugs and contaminated water, ground and air surrounding these outdoor makeshift “camps”.

The US has made the correct Christian gesture – and if some loudmouth partison in Haiti  thinks we are dumping inferior products on the island poor, let those folks sleep out in hot sun and rain…and let those distressed families who truly need assistance sleep and live with at least a temporary, and free, roof over their heads.

What do you think?



  1. The Haitian government has had no concern for their citizens in the past; why would they now?? Help has been offered and if refused it is their problem, not ours!

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