Posted by: conservativecritic | February 22, 2010

Not up to the job…

The American public is rightly concerned about the current administration’s inability to deal with the compounded crisis of terrorism, economic downturn and out of control government spending.  The answers will not come easily – but it is important to point out that if one wants to sign up for a difficult job, he(or she) should know precisely what that job will entail.  

In the present case, President Obama tends to blame his current situation on “inherited” problems from the Bush Administration – terrorism and war problems ‘inherited” in Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan; economic problems created during Bush’s turn at the wheel with banking and Wall Street disfunctionalities and excesses, the housing bubble and unemployment issues, again “inherited” from a prior administration, according to Obama.

Presuming for the moment that Obama is indeed correct that all of these issues existed before he took office, he should have recognized these conditions and come to the Office of President prepared to deal with these problems, with the proper management or executive experience and supportive personnel around him who understood how to provide proper guidance to get the vehicle out of the ditch and back on the road.

It is quite clear from his limited resume that Obama had no prior experience in managing either national security or economic problems and his current “dithering” back and forth between questionable alternatives shows that he did not fully understand what lay ahead of himself when he took over the reins of government.

If he had any concept whatsoever of the types and dynamics of the various problems afflicting the nation, his repetitvie mantra of “change” should have been one of “I will bring solutions”…but that was simply not the plan – since he had no experience in managing anything even the size of a corner candy store – and was absent from most of the important votes and discussions in the Senate or simply voted “present” when he was in attendance.

Basically, he stepped into something he did not understand and was unprepared for – and brought with himself a group of Chicago hoodlums, some oratorical skills and a set of tele prompters and expected everything to work out just fine.  As Glen Beck told the CPAC meeting this weekend, we have not seen the worst of the situation yet.

What do you think?


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