Posted by: conservativecritic | February 25, 2010

Obama’s “Christian” Upbringing Continues to Promote Abortion…

The Obama Administration and Congressional leaders are doing everything they can, using any means possible, to throw a disastrous health care program your way … a bill that allows massive federal funding of abortion.

  • Most Americans have repeatedly said they DO NOT WANT FEDERAL DOLLARS TO BE USED TO FUND ABORTIONS.

But the facts are clear: The plan put forth by President Obama embraces much of what the Senate-approved, citizenrejected, health care plan does- including an INCREASE in federal funding for abortion- from $7 billion to a monstrous $11 billion.

  • Most Americans understand that health care reform should not be jammed through Congress with a legislative scheme called ‘reconciliation’- a budget maneuver that was never designed to be used on such a massive legislative package like health care reform.

But Congressional leaders have vowed to utilize this one-sided, partisan-controlled legislative maneuver to get the votes they so desperately need.

It is time to call your Representative and State Senator and tell them that they may not be in Washington to see cherry blossoms on the Potomac after next year’s election if they continue down the path of killing babies.  

What do you think?


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