Posted by: conservativecritic | March 13, 2010

Help for the Homosexual – and that includes a growing number of Catholic priests..

>There are literally hundreds of ministries and counseling services available throughout the U.S. and the world for individuals who are struggling with homosexual attractions or related Gender Identity Disorders.

Contrary to what homosexual activist groups or homosexual-affirming psychological associations may suggest, there is hope for individuals who wish to break free from unwanted same-sex attractions, sexual compulsions, cross-dressing, or transsexual feelings.

The list below is not comprehensive yet many of these organizations provide their own lists of referral services state by state as well as international resources. 

The good news is that no one is born homosexual or transsexual. These are mental conditions that can be treated through religious-based or psychological therapies.

We offer this list to all those who feel trapped in unwanted same-sex desires. We pray that they will find the freedom they deserve to live full and productive lives.  If you know someone who is trapped in this abominable sin – and cannot seem to cope on their own, there is abundant help and spiritual counseling available in the list below.

To get a very clear and concise description of how President Obama is personally encouraging the spread of homosexuality and AIDS in africa, go to

It will give you  another view of the “change” that occurred when Obama took over the Presidency from Bush.


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