Posted by: conservativecritic | March 18, 2010

Something you may not know about the Haiti earthquake…

When the Haiti earthquake hit at 4:53 PM on January 12th, it knocked out nearly all communications, and power failures shut down everything except for one radio station, FM 90.5.  

As the buildings began to crumble and the earth convulsed violently, the man operating the radio station quickly ran outside.  He had been playing music over the air and for some reason pushed the “repeat” button before leaving so the song would play over and over again.

As reported by John Burnett at National Public Radio on January 25, the song that was playing when the quake hit was “Hotel California” by the Eagles.  So, for the first 30 minute’s of Port-au-Prince’s descent into hell, the only thing that residents could hear on the radio was the Eagles standard, over and over and over again.

Every Satanist and most witches know full well that “Hotel California” is another name for the church of Satan.  The song describes very clearly the captivating of the soul by Satanism.  It even contains a verse describing human sacrifice, stating that the participants “stabbed him with their steely knives but could not kill the beast”.

It is quite amazing that this song, so compatible with the satanic voodoo religion of Haiti was the only thing playing as judgment was falling upon that pagan land.  The conventional media seems to ignore the entire spiritual picture that unfolded in Haiti and took individuals such as Pat Robertson to task for bringing to light the voodoo history and satanic ties of that country.

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