Posted by: conservativecritic | March 22, 2010

Health Care – more of the same…


Obama made the mistake of handing the  health care process over to a bunch of career politicians in the House and Senate and expecting bi-partisan results.  He and Pelosi had to drive the process to conclusion by graft and back room deals rather than craft a piece of legislation that would divide America even further that it was when he took office.

Again, this demonstrates not only lack of leadership but lack of experience in delegation of major decisions that need to start at the top rather than the bottom of the pecking order.  He has been too busy playing golf and taking his wife on Wednesday evening dates and campaigning for key senate and house seats around the country(on my tax dollar) to do what he should have been doing – working on the people’s business at his desk in Washington.

I did not vote for him last time and will not vote for him if he happens to be on the ballot next time around..  He has demonstrated a distinct lack of connection with public needs and desires and has taken the ideological route instead – running roughshod over what public opinion polls clearly show that he is wrong on.

Luke, the physician disciple writes in the Christian Bible that we are to render to Cesar that which is Cesar’s and to God that which is God’s.  However, when Cesar’s activities are contrary to Bible teaching, I believe that we are to choose others who are at least in line with scriptural direction(abortion, homosexuality, etc.).  

Obama clearly has gathered counsel around him who do not abide by scriptural guidelines – in fact some have such a dirty mouth that it is amazing they eat with that same mouth.  This shows again a lack of discernment and will only result in disastrous paths that our leadership will take.  Health care is no exception.

Taking from the rich  and giving to the poor is not scriptural – the rich voluntarily giving to the poor is scriptural- and that has been the American way for  centuries.   Turning America away from voluntary giving and imposing legislation that rewards lack of work or effort rather than an honest day’s labor is sinful at best.

Playing games with the abortion issue is even worse – and will give Obama and his Chicago mobster advisors much to answer for when they stand before Jesus Christ on Judgement Day.

What do you think?


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