Posted by: conservativecritic | March 22, 2010

Home-Schooling: do kids really need to know about evolution?

Recent decisions by home-school book publishers to take a strong stand on Bible-based texts has caused heartburn amongst the hard core evolutionists who populate some of the nation’s most prestigious universities.  For the social engineers who believe that while they may have the moral high ground in public schools to then attempt to impose requirements on home-schooling texts is clearly unconstitutional.

Parents who continue to pay local school taxes while home-schooling their children should not have to follow secular educational guidelines for in-home teaching, particularly on “it is finished science”(like Al Gore’s global warming) of evolution.  

It is highly unusual to find home-schooled children whose parents are not strong bible-believing Christians.  However, as of late one can find here and there in the Evangelical community some home-schooling parents who do buy into the evolution doctrine. Such a situation is rare indeed.

What do you think?


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