Posted by: conservativecritic | March 22, 2010

The Eternal Danger of Religious Diversity

Tiger Woods’ televised mea culpa several weeks ago once again raised the issue and dangers of religious diversity by comparing Christianity’s spiritual forgiveness versus Buddhism and its belief that man’s own ability can be used to avoid temptation.

Buddhism clearly places the consequences of man’s actions on man himself – i.e. man needs to be capable of resisting temptation and improving himself thusly.  Christianity provides for a personal will to decide between right and wrong while allowing for redemption by way of Jesus Christ and his death, burial and resurrection.

It was interesting to find the social engineers of today’s liberal media and academia trying to level the spiritual playing field between these two religions in Wood’s case.  While God loves all of humanity and wishes than none should perish, He is the one who sets the height of the spiritual bar, not an entity depicted by an overweight image of an individual who may have lived in the past but who is now dead, buried and returned to dust and who himself will stand before a living Jesus Christ some day and explain to all humanity why he has spiritually misled so many of them.

While someone like Tiger Woods clearly has been exposed to Christian beliefs and has a clear choice between these spiritual paths, to many individuals today it is difficult to understand why someone in a distant land who has never heard the name of Jesus Christ would be held accountable for not accepting the Christian path.

The answer is actually quite simple and tied to basic elements of the Christian faith: (1)  somewhere, somehow in that individual’s brief existence on this earth, he or she has been briefly exposed to something in nature or in experience where they have had a choice to follow that higher spiritual path rather than worshipping idols or other native religious icons; (2) God will be righteous in his judgement at some future date, so everyone can then say that man truly is “without excuse”.

It is always amazing to see a towering, intelligent personality such as Tiger Woods, likely exposed to Christian beliefs and doctrine neglect such obvious spiritual guidance by way of Christianity.  As Christians, we take such optional pathways in life as normal and logical decisions, guided by the Holy Spirit.  Buddhism has no inner spiritual guide similar to the Holy Spirit to assist in deciding between right and wrong.  Perhaps that is why someone like Woods, with all of this talent and intellect has drifted so far away from a morally stable personal compass.  That alone should tell us volumes about the veracity of diversity in religious beliefs.

What do you think?


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