Posted by: conservativecritic | April 27, 2010

ACLU Joins Protests over Arizona Law Prohibiting Illegal Immigration

The battle line is forming – on one side is the over-run state of Arizona; overrun with 450,000 illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America – draining the public resources of the state, providing a crime rate similar to Detroit.  On the other side is the Obama Administration – proposing open borders with blanket amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants and extending the Democratic Party’s voting arm.  It is as simple as that – with no candy frosting on top.

The ACLU is supposed to stand for American’s rights – not civil liberties of illegal immigrants – but, then again, it is a far left, anti-Christian, anti-American group of disaffected lawyers who have a private agenda of breaking down American values and sovereignty.  The ACLU is threatening a lawsuit, joined at the hip with Obama to prevent law enforcement personnel in Arizona from questioning whether suspected illegals have legal papers to be in the country.

The rule of law that may prevail is that the Federal Government is legally responsible for maintaining border security and ensuring that immigration follows specific protocols.  That is not happening – and Arizona has had it up to here – and has said they will not allow illegals to over-run a beautiful retirement and technology-rich state.  

My suggestion is that the state of Arizona simply set up  a large pen in the desert and herd the illegals into that pen until the federal government provides a concise immigration plan that sends current illegals back home to Mexico and at the same time provides a mechanism for those who wish to obtain citizenship to do so.  Until then, Arizona needs to tell Obama to tend to his own knitting in Washington since he can’t seem to maintain security at the border –  or simply doesn’t want to do so.


And now, a border deputy has been shot by illegal aliens moving dope and drugs through the border south of Phoenix.  Obama has publicly said there will be “no action” on immigration law this year – so step aside Mr. President and let Arizona take care of their problems since  you cannot and will not do so.  

What do you think?



  1. Amnesty Isn’t ‘Reform’ — It’s Open Borders

    “A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation.” -Ronald Reagan

    Open Borders = Global Government

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