Posted by: conservativecritic | May 25, 2010

America Burns…While Obama Fiddles…

International financial and diplomatic crises – oil spills – domestic economic disasters – unemployment problems – the list goes on and on…and what do Obama and his minions in Congress(Pilosi) do?  Concentrate on increasing homosexual rights in the military!  

Even today – 5/27/10, Obama and Pelosi spend more time trying to push thru legislation that likely will not survive a November realignment of congress – and promote homosexual issues while saying that the gulf oil spill is his number one priority – and that from day one, he and the government and not BP have been in charge of the efforts to contain the spill.

What arrogance – what a disaster – it is inconceivable that the American public cannot see through his facade and personal political agenda.

If this does not tell you what the Administration considers the “priority” in the USA today…well, the end is near…

What do you think?


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