Posted by: conservativecritic | July 10, 2010

The Presbyterian Church – theologically down the drain now…

I used to think that there were some conservative, fundamental, bible-believing Christians in the Presbyterian Church.  Recent activities during the Minneapolis General Assembly Meeting on July 8, 2010 has convinced me otherwise.

It is no secret that the Presbyterian Church has been a long-term breeding ground for anti-semitism by way of the Replacement Theology segment of that denomination(see  On July 10th, the denomination once again recommended denouncing and marginalizing Israel for its activities in the “disputed Palestinian territories”.  

In this regard, the denomination is acting no differently than the Christian and Jew-hating secular press; demanding  that Israel hand over its border security and land to terrorists who have no historical or theological claim to the disputed areas.

Yet, the Presbyterian Church, likely driven by the Replacment Theology fringe in its midst, stands with the secularists and anti-semites and will have to answer some day before Christ for its actions.  Perhaps they have misplaced the bible in the denomination’s pulpits – or perhaps they are simply  being dragged down the slippery slope of anti-semitism by satanic forces which have found a welcoming mat on the denomination’s theological doorstep.

If this is not enough – the General Assembly has now voted to allow non-celibate homosexuals and lesbians in “committed relationships” to serve as clergy.  They now join the ELCA(Lutheran), US Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ in this un-Godly activity.  There will indeed be much to answer for before Christ at Judgement Day.

Anti-semitic activity and the promotion of homosexual roles in general society as well as religious circles is indeed a sign of the end times…



  1. Dear Conservative Critic,

    I found your blog by following a link from your website after reading an article about “Replacement Theologists” and Reconstruction. As a fellow Christian and a conservative, I was wondering if you would shed some light on the subject for me. What is it about Replacement Theology that is anit-Semitic?

    Thank you,

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