Posted by: conservativecritic | October 14, 2010



The global warming fraud that has been perpetuated on the global population by a few, motivated by profits and environmental issues, is indeed the most egregious that has existed since evolution was introduced into schoolbooks in the last century.

Indeed, we see the beginnings of the end, both in the current US administration and the globalist community, whereby individual rights and freedoms are being taken away piece by piece – while the uneducated and/or misinformed public continues to feed at the secular trough.

The Copenhagen, Denmark conference, which occurs every five years, attracted some 8,000 people from over 200 countries last December that represented every major faith in the world

During the world’s largest interfaith gathering, religious leaders shared how climate change has affected their communities.

The interesting aspect of these discussions is that the dialogue focuses on anecdotal information, rather than solid science – the same problem which confronted and confounded the entire set of  the Copenhagen Global Warming meetings.

The Rev. Dirk Ficca, director of the Parliament, said the religious representatives attempted to appeal to the leaders at the U.N. summit in Copenhagen to make “hard, courageous” decisions that will impact the world’s population for decades to come.

“Religious leaders were trying to draw on their wisdom andpersuasiveness to make sure that we all believe it is sacred enough,” Ficca said, according to BBC.

What was sorely lacking in  these meetings was the acknowledgement that salvation of the individual might indeed be more important than the possible rise in ambient global temperature of 1-2 degrees in the next fifty years.

Most of these religious leaders also marginalize the coming apocalypse described in Revelation where the earth’s temperature doesn’t rise only a couple of degrees but enough to scorch mankind and drive him to curse God for the heat. 

This “earth worship” scenario being adopted by both religious and secular portions of society is in line with biblical admonitions to those who would “worship the creation/creature rather than the creator”. 

Most of the religious leaders who attended the Copenhagen conference would have to go to Strong’s Concordance to find the text – and having found the text, would find that the pages of their bible are stuck together at that reference, likely never used in study or in the pulpit.

Meanwhile, extensive scientific observations show that the earth is actually cooling – and cooling consistently over the last decade or so.  However, that doesn’t seem to derail the fast train that is barreling through the US Congress and Obama’s  White House and which continues to perpetuate the global warming lie.  

Actually, by now we should have seen enough from the current White House to understand that the moral compass in that institution is firmly stuck on “deception”.

What do you think?


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