Posted by: conservativecritic | January 16, 2011

How should Christians deal with the issue of Global Warming?

While the jury is still out on Global Warming, it could be conceded that the warming of the earth does vary with time – cyclic with a wide variety of conditions outside of the control of humans – solar activity, weather patterns, oceanic flow, etc.

What is not cast in hard science(except in Al Gore’s mind and pocketbook) is whether or not human activity has any bearing on cyclic activity in the earth’s temperature.  

For a more in-depth discussion of global warming, go to

It has been documented by several authors that during the original UN meetings on Climate Change several years ago, an esteemed group of climatologists put together a position paper that opined that what climatic changes may be taking place were NOT due to human activity.  It turns out that the final position paper was altered by a single individual, an associate of the current Secretary of Energy(Obama administration) to read exactly the OPPOSITE – that climatic changes were indeed caused by human activity.

Al Gore and other rabid environmentalists quickly jumped on this misinformation and they were off to the races.

Over the centuries, the public has been duped by a variety of theoretical or hypothetical claims(evolution, superiority/inferiority of various categories of humans, etc.).  Repeated often enough, and embellished by a willing media, the public begins to believe the lie.

It is my opinion that global warming may indeed be increasing, but the human contribution is similar to the weight of a penny in a 10  pound bag of coins…I expect that the new congress, in concert with restraining unwarranted taxation and regulations on the public and industry, will call for hearings on this subject.  Whether Al Gore will respond to a congressional subpoena or not remains to be seen. Many states are opting out of regional “emission reduction programs”, pointing out that there are no valid, empirical data to justify laboring the public with  higher utility costs, burdening industry with unnecessary regulations and putting a “tithe” in the pockets of environmentalists such as Gore who simply move “emission credits” from one place to another which produces no net reduction of greenhouse gases(how can the public not see such a blatent scam)?

As we state in the link referenced above, God has reserved a special time for true global warming – the dispensation of the Tribulation when  men will be scorched by the sun so that they hide in caves to avoid the heat.  Man should not be concerned about a possible  increase of a half degree Fahrenheit in the  next 50 years; he should be concerned about being around when this REAL global warming occurs in the not too distant future.

Revelation 16:9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

In the  meantime – my suggestion is to allow the wheels of disinformation and idiocy to continue to  turn – because the real reasons behind this steamroller global warming warning is clearly financial and political and not environmental.  You can see this in the daily news where virtually every anomaly in today’s world(heat, cold, Mississippi River floods, reduction in the taste of tea in India, etc, etc) is blamed on global warming.  I suspect that much of this daily global warming news is encouraged and dictated by the current White House administration to further specific economic and political agendas…

What do you think?



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