Posted by: conservativecritic | January 30, 2011

Egypt in Crisis – loss of a Middle East ally…

UPDATE: even after the removal of Mubarak, the radical elements of the “pro-democracy” movement continues to riot in the streets – attempting to place the Muslim Brotherhood in a position of “democratic” control of the country.  What Obama and his State Department idiots are doing is encouraging sharia law implementation in that former ally of the US.  What would you expect of a closet Muslim President of the US?


Egypt is in a crisis – caused primarily by radical Islamic rioters protesting Egypt’s moderate governance – a sign that the close relationship between one of the few friends that the US has amongst the Arab nations may be drawing to an end.

Israel and Egypt signed a peace agreement years ago, an action that the Egyptian president at that time, Anwar Sadat, paid for with his life. While Egypt’s government has steered a moderate course, things  have changed dramaticaly in the region  – Africa has moved steadily toward Islamic governance and whether one is in Somalia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria or one of the other countries in that area controlled by Islamic factions, Egypt is probably next on this list of radical Islamic takeovers.

Whether he or the media admist it, President Obama is a Muslim by his heritage and by his demonstrated practice in the public eye and he has been walking a very difficult tightrope – trying to show one one hand that he is not throwing President Mubarak under the bus but on the other handdemanding that Murarak and his moderate democratic government give way to the Islamic extremist who are burning down Egyptian cities. An oxymoron?  Very likely……And Obama’s allegance to the Muslim religion shows thru very clearly – and should be a clear sign to Israel that Obama is dedicated to the formation of diplomatic and political international alliances other than one with the Jewish people and the future safety of Israel.

Here in the United States, Israel is supported not by Obama, but by the many Christian and socially conservative members of Congress who understand not only the historical and religious significance of Israel in today’s world but also the need to maintain a strong and growing alliance with the only truly democratic government in the region.

We are observing a paradigm shift in the US position toward terrorism and the influence of radical Islamic belief on a global basis – for example: “…there is no such activity as “terrorism”; the Adminstration has no plan for strong restraint of Iran and its intended destruction of the nation of Israel – and when is the last time that Obama visited Israel(never) to ensure a continuance of strong ties with that nation?

Obama’s support of a “reconstruction ” of Egypt’s government is out of line – he is putting his nose into a place where it does not belong – it is not “democracy” which is supported by the protesters in the street but a new governance of Egypt which trashes the current, relatively good(but admittedly not perfect) relationship that country has with the US and Israel and  encourges the establishment of an Islamic state similar to the other African nations listed above.

We are close to the end times indeed – it takes very little reading in Ezekiel and Revelation to see the alignment of nation that the prophets of old predicted for the last days…the Islamization of Egypt is simply another step in that direction and unwittingly Obama is nudging it in that direction.

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  1. I think this is the best article and clear explanation on what is REALLY going on in Egypt. The mainstream media does a good job of twisting the truth or leaving it out completely. Thank you for writing this. Obama has always been a people didn’t see that during the elections was evidence of the spiritual blindness we now live in. It is sad and exciting at the same time to see the end times the Bible speaks of come to life. Fast and pray people….its going to be a bumpy ride!

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