Posted by: conservativecritic | February 19, 2011

Did God Create the “dark side” of Science that the Metaphysical, New Age and Occult Folks Worship?

Yesterday (Feb. 18) I talked with a very intelligent Christian who has had an interest in water(as we do) but who has been drifting from the study of pure water physics and water chemistry into the world of the metaphysical.   When I asked him why he is dabbling in the New Age world of metaphysics which incorporates the occult and other dark imagery, he asked me an interesting question in return:

“…did not God create all things, good and bad, and is presuming that the metaphysical world as it might apply to water and other things, indeed bad?”

Quickly, he followed up with scripture stating that when God created the earth and all things in it, He(God) saw that it was indeed good.  So, by deductive reasoning, he is led to believe that God created the “dark side” of science, that which we cannot see or touch or experience with our normal senses or analytical tools of science – and so it was “OK” to work in that “science”, with and alongside those who practiced such things.

Our conversation was interrupted by a phone call in my office which need attention – and we agreed that we would continue the discussion of this subject at a later date.  I decided then that it was time to try to clear up some misconceptions about the spiritual aspect of both physics and metaphysics.  In this blog entry  I will attempt to identify how these “good” and “bad” aspects of science exist  today and why it is important to understand the origin of these methods of viewing the world around us.

In general terms, PHYSICS provides answers as to how we exist, and through the study, understanding and knowledge of the physical, measurable world around us, finds answers to how.

METAPHYSICS asks WHY we exist.  It is a strange marriage of theology and ontology(the study of “beingness” and the nature of reality) – a strange combination considering that most Metaphysics adherents are opposed to any relationship or discussion of the God of the Bible.  A better definition, more in line with today’s New Age is that metaphysics is an amalgamation of mythology and the occult(which some in the New Age would think is a type of theology as noted above).

Since most if not all the followers of metaphysics have little or no spiritual compass based on the God or His creation that we see described in the Bible, they really and truly don’t know why we exist, nor where we came from nor where our ultimate destination is(a perfect description of how the late Steve Jobs viewed the world).  To the follower of the metaphysical “theology”, we are simply part of the universe, we are all little gods and the universe around us is full of unseen “subtle” energies which, while they cannot be measured or detected by standard scientific practices or instruments, are the structure of each and every item that exists in and around us.

So, the metaphysical adherent is led to other questions such as

“…why does the universe exist; is there a God, or gods; is there a purpose or design to the universe; and in all of this “why do I exist and do I have a purpose?””.

For example, to the metaphysical follower, the energy created by the movement of the planet Pluto as it moves through our solar system, has a direct but subtle effect on every portion of our mind, body and spirit.  Satellites moving in orbit around the earth likewise create an “energy field” which influences basic building blocks of our society(water, food, human tissue, brain cells, etc.) and this list could go on and on.

So now to our original premise.

While God did not directly create evil, he created an angel called Lucifer – the  bible tells us that this entity was indeed the epitome of beauty, wisdom, purity and  power in heaven – perfect in all things as God had created   him – until he went bad and sinned in his heart and desired to become as God himself.  This sin encompassed a third of the angels in heaven – all of whom were banished to the earth with their leader Lucifer  to cleanse heaven of this new evil.

Up to this point the earth and all of its creations were perfect, as God created and viewed it and indeed said so.  Then Lucifer/Satan arrived and with him millions if not tens of millions of evil angels – infecting Adam and Eve and future generations with sin and their subtle, evil works.  So, throughout the ensuing millenia, Satan attempted(quite successfully) in creating a “duplicate” image of God’s  perfect creation and science.   And so now, we had metaphysics and all of the satanic, New Age imagery and debauchery that came with it.

God is not the author of confusion – and while he let Satan work his evil on earth, in order to allow man’s free will an opportunity to choose between right and wrong, God’s ” long view” was to provide a plan of redemption through Jesus Christ to allow those who would choose to be rescued from the claws of these evil works.

In history, physics and metaphysics seemed to be cut from some of the same cloth, as the ancient Greeks found out when they studied the world around them and developed the field of study we now know as natural philosophy.  The Greeks wrestled with the problem of how order can evolve from nothing – essentially a philosophical solution which says that Metaphysics is beyond simple Physics. During the Renaissance years many of the Greek’s  perceptions of the universe changed when it was discovered that the world was not flat and there were more than four elements which composed the natural world.

Today, most natural science adherents have little or  no spiritual compass based on Christian principles. That essentially leaves the door open for quite brilliant scientists to openly question any aspect of the Creation or God’s intention for them or any aspect of the known universe.  This New Age manta is  what is being repetitively taught to our children in grade school through college – while on the TV, children’s books and in the movie theatre children are being exposed, very subtly, to Satan’s metaphysical forces and ideas.  There are dozens of good books identifying the extent to which this is occurring and the results of such indoctrination.

Among this New Age landscape of bizarre rituals, idolatry, ideas, concepts and teachings are NOT the physical sciences which will give our children a firm and solid understanding of the world around us… but things such as reincarnation, fantasy books and games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter and friends, Nitendo’s Wizards and Warriers, white and black magic, sorcery, shamanism, polytheism(multiple gods and goddesses), occult symbols(the swastika, pentagram, circles, triangles, the unicorn, etc.) holistic medicine(polarity therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, rebirthing), physical tests and sports(Ninja, the martial arts, yoga, etc), occult objects and idols(occult figurines, crystals, pyramids, etc.), psychology(visualization, meditation, healing of memories, UFO’s and extraterrestrials, witchcraft and satan worship, astrology and the horoscope, tarot card reading, ouija boards, palm readings, fire-walking, seances, mediums and spirit channelling).

These are the elements of metaphysics and the New Age – brought down thru the ages by the Luciferic group thrown out of heaven and finding fertile ground in both adults and children who reject or marginalize the God of the Bible.  This is NOT physics but a mind-bending set of subtle, anti-Christian themes meant to introduce us and our children to the “dark side of science”.

What do you think?



  1. Dark always leads to light which is the meaning of life. Thank you for the post

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