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Nuclear Radiation Fallout – is there really a “safe” level?

4/11/2011 update:  Japan has raised the severity level of the nuclear disaster in NorthEast Japan from 5 to 7, the highest level established within the nuclear regulatory community for danger from a nuclear “incident”.

What this means to the USA is quite simple – expect continued contamination of food, water and milk products; combined with the EPA’s recent increase in the allowable level of radiation in these items, the US  government and the  Obama administration is complicit in the continued coverup of this disaster…

Drink only distilled water; obtain high efficiency dust masks and put aside a month’s worth of distilled water and food since we can expect continued fallout in the USA.  Sushi?  forget it – fish taken from fresh water sources will also likely containe radium and cesium in varying levels – canned vegetables and salmon are good selections for safe food, provided they were canned prior to March 1, 2011.  Obtain potassium iodine pills and set them aside if radiation levels reach critical levels.  Purchase your own home water distiller since bottled distilled water in stores may quickly disappear from the shelves.

3/30/11 Update: SUSHI LOVER?   FORGET IT NOW.

Once again,  Japan is downplaying the effect of seawater and marine contamination due to the radiation continuing to leak from the damaged nuclear plants in NE Japan…What do you expect them to tell us…the Truth? that fish, kelp and seaweed will contain radiation?  it would destroy a Japanese Icon – sushi!!  

Health damaging radiation is continuing to spread now out to a radius of 25 miles from the plant – destroying agricultural products, milk and water sources…Some of the radiation has a short half-life – others very long and cancer-causing impacts.  Watch for Japan to continue to slow roll these health issues – it is their cultural style and mandate to protect the country’s image.  

Emergency Update:

If you think that  there is some sort of insidious undercurrent at play in our government regarding potential radiation poisoning in food, soil and drinking water – perhaps in anticipation of what might happen here in the USA as a result of the ongoing Japanese nuclear accident…read this:

The EPA is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive
releases in drinking water, food and soil after “radiological
incidents,” according to Public Employees for Environmental

What is termed a guidance that EPA is considering - as opposed to a
regulation - does not require public airing before it’s decided upon.

EPA officials contacted today in the Atlanta and D.C. offices had no
response on the issue as of 6 p.m.

The radiation guides called Protective Action Guides or PAGs are
protocols for responding to radiological events ranging from nuclear
power-plant accidents to dirty bombs.

Drinking water, for example, would have a huge increase in allowable
public exposure to radioactivity, the group says, that would include:

A nearly 1000-fold increase in strontium-90

A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for iodine-131

An almost 25,000 rise for nickel-63

The new radiation guidance would also allow long-term cleanup
standards thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever
before accepted, permitting doses to the public that EPA itself
estimates would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person
exposed, the group says.

These relaxed standards are opposed by public health professionals
inside EPA, according to documents PEER said it obtained under the
Freedom of Information Act.
PEER is a national alliance of local state and federal resource



Update: 3/28/11:  On Sunday afternoon the Japanese government requested that water filtration plants stop taking in rainwater due to radiation that has drifted into the atmosphere, reported

As the rain falls, it captures some of the radiation that the leak at Fukushima Daiichi plant released into the atmosphere following the tragic earthquake earlier this month, according to the story.

In order to prevent the rainwater from contaminating the tap water, water treatment plants have been instructed to cover up the rainwater pools within the plants and treat the water with powdered activated carbon to help eliminate radioactive materials, the article stated.

The recent rains and high moisture levels in the Western states will bring down radiation travelling in the jet stream into surface water sources which act as community water supplies…We know this is already  happening as noted in the update immediately below.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., which runs the nuclear complex in Northeastern Japan, said plutonium was found in soil at five locations at the nuclear plant, but that only two samples appeared to be plutonium from the leaking reactors. The rest came from years of nuclear tests that left trace amounts of plutonium in many places around the world.

Plutonium is a heavy element that doesn’t readily combine with other elements, so it is less likely to spread than some of the lighter, more volatile radioactive materials detected around the site, such as the radioactive forms of cesium and iodine.

“The relative toxicity of plutonium is much higher than that of iodine or cesium but the chance of people getting a dose of it is much lower,” says Robert Henkin, professor emeritus of radiology at Loyola University’s Stritch School of Medicine. “Plutonium just sits there and is a nasty actor.”

The trouble comes if plutonium finds a way into the human body. The fear in Japan is that water containing plutonium at the station turns to steam and is breathed in, or that the contaminated water from the station migrates into drinking water.

When plutonium decays it emits what is known as an alpha particle, a relatively big particle that carries a lot of energy. When an alpha particle hits body tissue, it can damage the DNA of a cell and lead to a cancer-causing mutation.

Plutonium also breaks down very slowly, so it remains dangerously radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.

“If you inhale it, it’s there and it stays there forever,” said Alan Lockwood, a professor of Neurology and Nuclear Medicine at the University at Buffalo and a member of the board of directors of Physicians for Social Responsibility, an advocacy group.


Update: 3/27/11:  Now, radiation fingerprinted as coming from Japan is being reported at various levels on the East Coast…Meanwhile, Japanese scientists have miscalculated the levels of radiation from the damaged nuclear plant by up to two orders of magnitude and water and food supplies throughout major portions of Japan are now appearing with cesium and radium iosotopes.  Accumulation of these types of isotopes(over a period of time) on food production in California is yet to be addressed by the media and the agricultural community.  Likely we will find out about it only after the politically correct political entities have decided on just how long to wait until then news is made public.


Update: 3/26/11 – Small amounts of radiation fallout from Japan have now been detected in Nevada as well as other Western states.  The authorities point out that “…the levels are below that which would create a hazard”.  This is  typical political speak and one can only wonder how these authorities are allowed to continue in their position of power and ignorance.  

These are the same “authorities” who said that no radiation whatsoever would be possible to cross the pacific and be measurable in the West.  The type of radiation measured in the Western states is confirmed to come from Japan since the isotope fingerprints are  there for all to see.  Until the public puts individuals with the public health in mind in office and in positions of public responsibility, we will continue to live in an increasingly toxic environment. Until….


For those with immune deficiencies, yesterday they should have begun taking some  supplements which encourages immune system responsiveness.  Medical science tells us that the cumulative effect of low radiation levels is more dangerous than a single, high level exposure. Governments worldwide still toe the politically correct line of minimal(and late) information on radiation levels caused by the Japanese nuclear incident.  Days late and a dollar short is the only way to describe what has happened to the water and food supply in Japan while the government dithered on just how much information to release to the public.  Proof?  Japanese officials now say that they should have advised those near the damaged nuclear facility to begin using potassium iodide pills SEVERAL DAYS AGO!

Japan has one of the most sophisticated radiation monitoring systems and yet it is a crime that the public there has not been warned about radiation hazards in food and water.  Radiation levels don’t suddenly jump from “safe” or “negligible” to “hazardous”…they gradually move from low to high – and now that they are well above safe levels, the population in that area rightly so has begun to doubt the veracity of their government’s information.

For a closed society such as Japan’s where devotion to the land, the country and to family is the glue that holds the population together, the loss of confidence in government information, much less the continued lack of medicine, food and clean water in the affected areas, will likely create a modest backlash against the existing government and agencies that the public has venerated in the past.

As the world in general continues to experience a gradual degeneration of its immune system due to a variety of environmental and self-inflicted conditions, radiation poisoning due to small but cumulative amounts can be expected to take its toll on world health.  Radiation from outer space, the earth itself as well as from air varies with time and location and is measured in counts per minute(CPM). A website that will give up to the minute reporting of this number is at and will provide you with such information.

On the above link, the locations showing nuclear materials are not necessarily those related to only nuclear power systems – but may include the location where nuclear weapons(military bases, for example) or the residue of spent nuclear materials are stored.

Your feedback and comments are appreciated…


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