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The Increasing Danger of “Alkaline Water”(medically unproven network marketing program and salespeople creating widespread health problems)


(A special note:  this water is gaining traction in water circles because some “water stores” have begun to sell it….not because it is healthy to drink  but because(in the words of these store owners). “…people want it..and we will sell it for 5 dollars a gallon or as much as we can get”…true story)…

For some good reasons not to drink this stuff, read


One of the fastest growing multi-level marketing  programs in America is that of expensive($4,000) “alkaline water” machines – promoted by independent(and poorly informed) salespeople promising cures to everything from cancer to hair loss…

We have covered  this issue pretty thoroughly at, but recently I received an e-mail from a Christian missionary friend of mine whose wife was in need of serious surgery but was denied that surgery by her personal physician because of exceptionally high blood pressure…

I have known Riley and his wife Lani(Portland, OR) for 30 years and was really taken by her need and their prayerful approach to Lani’s problem…I found out about the Kangen(alkaline) water Lani was drinking and recommended she stop it due to the known medical problems being caused by that type of water…

Following is the e-mail I received from Riley today – unchanged in any way from how it was received.  Read and learn…(Riley and Lani are now in New Zealand – Lani is off the alkaline water and doing just fine after surgery)


Greetings beloved,
Remember all of the problems Lani had with high blood pressure?
How she tried every avenue to lower it?
How they had to cancel her surgery the first time because her BP was over 200?
I am sending this again, because I need you to know for sure how she got it normal.
We were gifted many bottles of Kangen Alkaline high ph water.  So Lani was drinking it all day long.
It was recommended by her doctor to stop drinking the water to see if it was causing the problem.
The first day of not drinking the Kangen water, her BP dropped 30 points to 170.
The second day of not drinking the Kangen water, her BP dropped another 40 points to 130.
Her BP has since then been very consistent in the 130’s range.
If you know of anyone who is using the Kangen high ph water, and is complaining of high BP, tell them to stop drinking it now and why.
Also, according to a Nobel Prize winning doctor, drinking alkaline ph water will cause bad damage to you internally, and sooner or later require you to have a blood transfusion.
You may read about it here on this link.
Blessing again beloved,
Riley and Lani

We get calls weekly from individuals who have parted with $4,000 for one of these pieces of junk and now the entire family is sick.  After stopping the alkaline water, everyone got better…

Your comments are always appreciated – gene


  1. So, what is the best water to drink?

    • Your body adjusts to varying pH levels of food and drink – it is not necessary to attempt to medicate the body chemistry with alkaline water – and as you can see from our website at some serious damage is possible when using the caustic pH water. I prefer water which is clean and hydrating – distilled water is free from free radicals and salts that are not metabolized by the body’s cells…others prefer spring water but obtaining spring water that is free from contaminants in this day and age is quite difficult. We have seen the most improvement in individual health with distilled water, having done that type of work for nearly 35 years now…thanks for your comments – the note by Riley and his wife is typical of what we hear virtually weekly regarding the dangers of alkaline water…gene

  2. I drank a litre bottle of alkaline water today and have come down with a nasty gastro bug (unrelated). Now this is going to be a but gross, but when I vomited and opened my bowels I was bringing up lots of undigested food from the previous day. It was just sitting in my stimach thst whole time. On the plus side there was less acid in the vomit so it didn’t burn my throat coming up. But your stomach is supposed to be strongly acidic, surely alkalizing it would interfer with digestion considerably…

    • The alkaline water neutralizes digestive acids which left you with undigested fats, proteins and carbs – putrification is probably the best word to describe the mess you observed…

      • Hi. I had same thing. Food sitting in my stomache for hours totally undigested.
        I felt weak and unurished.

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