Posted by: conservativecritic | April 6, 2011

Government Shutdown? Who will be to blame?

Finger pointing is going on at breakneck speed in Washington – in advance of a potential government shutdown due to lack of operating funds which are controlled by the House of Representatives.  

Last year, a democratically controlled House, Senate and Presidency failed to produce a budget; this year all hands are on deck to try to reduce out of control spending…Republicans in general favor less government and the reduction of spending on programs large and small to avoid our national debt from exceeding those of Portugal and Japan where currency is virtually next to useless and interest rates are next to zero.

Democrats appear to be relying on continuing the flow of money to constituents in order to ensure their support at the polls – Republicans, who in general are more familiar with business operations than Democrats, have consistently attempted to move the decision making functions which affect unemployment and business revenue away from government and back to individuals and business operators.

If a government stoppage occurs – it likely will be a good thing because many of these issues will obtain a more public hearing and the citizenry will be able to see more clearly the short and long term effects of out of control government spending and what it means for this and subsequent generations.

what do you think?


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