Posted by: conservativecritic | April 6, 2011

Why I can no longer recommend that Christians volunteer to serve in the US military!

Could you imagine America’s military chaplains banned from sharing the message of the Holy Bible?

It’s happening…

President Obama is rushing to repeal the 1993 ban on gays and transgenders serving in the military, a move that will threaten the careers of hundreds of U.S. military chaplains as well as professing Christians in our military.

One of the dangers of overturning the 1993 law is that a zero tolerance program will take its place. Those who dare to criticize, or even express a concern about homosexual conduct, will be either driven out or denied promotion because of their religious or moral objections.

Such new regulations, should they ever be imposed, would effectively ban Christian chaplains from discussing a Biblical perspective on homosexual orientation when discussing their faith.

Should a chaplain privately counsel an American soldier, or should an American soldier share his Christian faith with others, the military brass would have the right to discharge that chaplain or soldier — AND RUIN THEIR CAREER.

On April 7th (this Thursday) there will be a full hearing with the House Armed Services Committee to go over the impact the repeal of the 1993 ban on gays and transgenders serving in the military — and unless we make sure there are firm, solid protections for the rights of conscience and religious liberty, America’s chaplains will no longer be able to share and counsel according to Biblical principles.

If Obama’s planned repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) moves forward, should a chaplain share a Biblical perspective on homosexuality, they will be stripped of rank, discharged, and humiliated in the public square

This goes far beyond mere tolerance. This is the whitewashing of any other perspective other than the ones agreed upon by Barack Obama and the extremist liberals — not to mention the homosexual lobby for whom Obama appears to be willing to bend over backward(or forward).

We need to be able to convince members of the House Armed Services Committee to ask the tough questions:

  • Will there be conscience protections for Christians?
  • Will our chaplains be able to exercise religious liberty free of coercion?
  • Will U.S. military personnel be able to share their faith?
  • …and what will our military leadership do to protect Christian service members and chaplains from discrimination and hate speech?

It is important to lobby members of the House Armed Services Committee over the next 48 hours.

The day has finally arrived where mere disagreement is being termed as hate speech, and one can literally lose their job or have their career ruined for being a Christian.

Gays and transgenders are now pushing well beyond mere acceptance. They have a friendly White House administration, and the homosexuals are pushing their advantage.

I cannot in good  conscience recommend that my children, or those of my Christian friends and neighbors send their young men and women to share foxholes and showers with leering homosexuals – and risk removal with dishonerable discharge for sharing the gospel with unsaved fellow military personnel.

Isaiah 5: 20 says: “…Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil”…Judgement will be applied at the appropriate place and time to those who continue to move our country’s military into a satanically-infested condition.

It is important that we share the Gospel with the world…but it is not necessary to expose ones self to military discipline for doing that in an unwilling and hostile military environment…There are scores of other places and millions of lost souls elsewhere.  

Yes, there are athiests and homosexuals in foxholes…but it is not necessary to share that foxhole when one’s talents can be applied in fruitful ways and  environments.

What do you think?


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