Posted by: conservativecritic | April 13, 2011

JAPAN Lied Regarding Dangerous Radiation Levels – and likely they will continue to lie in the future…

July 28 Update:

Once again, Japan’s government has failed not only its population but the international community by not providing a clear and concise methodology by which they plan to reduce radiation around the NE Japanese facility by January of 2012.  In typical Japanese fashion, words are used instead of action and local residents who were displaced due to high radiation levels still are distrustful of the government’s proclamations that it is safe to return to some area.  This in light of public information that radiation is STILL being released into the surrounding environment at levels beyond that which is  considered safe for human exposure.  “Saving Face” clearly has trumped honesty during this emergency.

As a result of this “face saving” process, many of Japan’s nuclear power facilities are or have been shut down – further burdening the country’s population with severe constraints on energy use….example, no air conditioning systems next summer….and the list gets worse….all to protect the elite amongst Japan’s leadership….and at the expense of the average Japanese…


Japan’s moral compass simply cannot find true north…the government has now admitted(New York Times – 4/13/2011) that the government of Japan has withheld critical information regarding dangerous radiation levels as far back as March 14-16.

Various excuses are presented as one might expect – but the danger continues unabated – and the only question  that remains is whether or not the Obama administration and the EPA are telling us the truth(see subsequent below) about radiation now accumulating in US water, milk and food supplies…

Japan has never been an open society – as much as we in the West have been led to believe – and it is to be expected that as this nuclear disaster continues to unfold, we will continue to receive half truths or total untruths – clearly to mitigate any financial damage that might occur with Japanese exports or civil unrest that might occur should the Japanese public be told what the real and damaging truth is regarding this nuclear disaster.

What do you think?


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