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Al Gore and his tree-hugging, 60’s groupies still looking for soot and polar bears in the Arctic…


Emminent Arctic scientist Charles Monnett was one of the scientists whose observation that several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean due to the apparent melting of ice in their habitat.  His research papers helped galvanize the global warming movement…Enter Al Gore with his outrageous claims of polar bear destruction due to global warming.

Al Gore’s hot air may be the cause of global warming…

Monnett is now  under serious investigation for apparently falsifying his research information on polar bears and global warming.


With the fire nearly out on the much ballyhooed Cap and Trade program being promoted by Al Gore(for personal, financial reasons) and President Obama(for partison, political reasons), we still find good government money chasing bad ideas on the open tundra of the Arctic.  This time they are looking for soot(thats the stuff that floats up from car exhausts, chimneys and camp fires), hoping against hope that they can find some of this stuff and provide still another reason to harp about global warming and eliminate carbon based fuels from the world economy.

Scientists admit that if soot is up there(by the way, they say it is invisible :-)), its dark composition will supposedly absorb heat from the sun and accelerate ice melting and make it harder for polar bears(whose population is in fact growing) to survive.  (Memo to Gore:  –  try Antarctica – ice is increasing there…)

So, here is something that these scientists admit that they can’t see – creating a potential problem which has tenuous value…and these scientists from Norway, Russia, Germany, Italy and China are nearly freezing to death, walking around a group of mountainous, ice and snow-covered islands somewhere inside the Arctic Circle north of Norway – trying to find some of this elusive soot so they can write another report to the EPA and obtain more grant money to make another boondoggle trip up to the  home of the polar bear …and keep walking around up there until they find something of substance.

A critical look at how all of this global warming stuff came about will uncover fraud at the highest level and reaching into the Energy Department of the US Government and to the desk of the Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu – who was a research partner with the individual who has been identified as having personally changed the fundamental results of the United Nation’s study on Climate Change some years ago to indicate that man has been causing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – when the scientists who had penned the original UN report indicated that the earth in fact is NOT warming and that man has NOT been the contributor to any type of global warming.  Look out Dr. Chu – your time is coming in front of congress under oath…

One wonders how long it will be before congressional hearings are held to find the real facts around this upside down science which the Obama Administration is using to drive our economy into the ditch..and have us drive around on the freeways in cars made from cereal boxes…


Environmentalists and mainstream news will often post photos like the one below to get their ‘point’ across about the threat to polar bears:

The last Polar Bear

The “publisher” of this particular image says the following:

A polar bear managed to get on one of the last ice floes floating in the Arctic sea. Due to global warming the natural environment of the polar bear in the Arctic has changed a lot. The Arctic sea has much less ice than it had some years ago.

Are we really to believe that this polar bear was standing on a piece of tundra or land, and then all of a sudden this little sheet of ice broke off, and the polar bear just floated away, into oblivion? Perhaps this will convince a seven year old, but adults who believe this need to have their heads examined.

If I were a polar bear, and this is just me, and a sheet of ice like this broke off while I was standing on it, I figure my survival instincts might kick in and I may attempt to walk back over to the main sheet of ice — the cracking below my feet would probably have been a big indicator that something on this piece of ice just isn’t right:


It is also important to note that polar bears can reportedly swim up to 60 miles without resting, at speeds of 4 – 6 miles per hour. So, even if the polar bear had fallen asleep for half of the day, when they woke up, they would be perfectly capable of swimming back to land.

Clearly, these pictures are taken out of one context and put in another.

I suspect that these pictures, that are often used to press multi-million dollar funding agendas in Washington, are staged, kind of like that climate change data, which we’ve learned was manipulated by not just the scientists doing the research, but the heads of the research departments.

Because we’re always inclined to question mainstream thought, we wondered if perhaps an aspiring environmentalist may have baited the piece of ice with some food. Or perhaps the polar bear itself was hunting for food, and it happened to be hunting from that piece of ice. Turns out, this happens all the time in the Arctic:


We’ll make note of two things regarding the polar bears:

1) The polar bear population is growing and has been growing for several decades. In the 1950′s the population was estimated at 5,000 polar bears globally. Today, that population is closer to 25,000

2) The polar bears have a really, really big habitat area. Each polar bear’s “home” is roughly 150 miles or so of territory, but the entire polar habitat is massive and covers tens of thousands of square miles:


Even if half of the ice in the Arctic were to melt, which we don’t think it will, we think the 25,000 or so polar bears would still be able to find a place to live and food to eat.

Hence, it’s fairly clear that the polar bear is just fine and this is nothing more than an attempt to mold the minds of young children to support an ever growing globalist environmental agenda. Today it’s polar bears, tomorrow it’s climate change, and once they’re adults they’ll readily support laws like Cap & Trade and global UN taxes that will further enslave them.

Just in case you were wondering if Al Gore was doing this globe trotting for the good of the planet….for the personal good of Al Gore, take a peek at two of the homes this multi-millionaire owns, much in part to his constant pandering  to the global warming hoax….and take a close look and see if you can see any “alternative” energy systems(i.e. solar panels, etc.) that would tell you that Gore is truly dedicated to reducing his so-called “carbon footprint”…

Each of these homes consumes as much energy as some small cities in the Midwest…

Another Gore home in Montecito, CA…new digs for him and his new hippy girlfriend – now that he’s ditched his wife to travel the world and be the playboy like his old boss Bill Clinton…again, no solar panels….bad boy Al!!

Connect the dots and you can see how the game of globalism, control, taxes and enslavement plays out on a variety different levels and infiltrates every aspect of our lives.

President and Mrs. Obama partying at the White House with three of the last polar bears remaining after Al Gore’s global warming project wiped out the rest of them…

What do you think?



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