Posted by: conservativecritic | April 22, 2011

Change that we can REALLY believe in…

The following Easter message was penned by Rev. Louis P. Sheldon at Traditional Values Coalition – and I believe it embodies the message of Easter far better than I could – so I have reproduced it  here in its entirety – enjoy.


This Friday, Christians around the world will be holding somber “Good Friday” events to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

On Sunday, however, these same believers will be singing hymns and listening to sermons celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the grave. 

The resurrection of Jesus from the grave – and his ascension into heaven – is the greatest hope for mankind! It is the greatest force for true change in the lives of every person who repents and believes that Jesus died for their sins. 

Jesus Christ is the hope and the creator of real change – not only in the lives of individuals, but in the future of nations that acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. 

It was the spread of Christianity throughout the civilized world during the first four centuries after His resurrection, that literally changed the course of human history. 

His disciples were on fire to share their faith. They had experienced change within themselves and they wanted others to know the peace and forgiveness that Jesus offers to all. 

But, these disciples wanted to bring about even more change within their societies. They firmly believed that Jesus not only saved souls but could transform nations as well. They set about to use the teachings of Jesus to change the way governments treated women, slaves, the unborn, the elderly, enemies and the dying. 

Alvin J. Schmidt, Ph.D., is the author of a compelling book, How Christianity Changed The World, that describes in great detail how the followers of Jesus Christ changed their world. 

These believers had been changed from within and they were determined to bring the love and compassion of Jesus Christ into every area of life. 

The Easter story is not only about individual souls being saved through the power of the resurrection, but about how the resurrection also changed human history and introduced Christian compassion into how governments treated their citizens. America, of course, is the greatest example of the power of the resurrection to impact a system of governing. Our very existence as a free nation under the rule of law is due to early Christians who founded our government on the principles to be found in the Bible. 

This Resurrection Sunday, remember what Jesus Christ did to change your life – and pray about how He can use you to change others and your society! Fulfill the calling He has on your life!


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