Posted by: conservativecritic | May 9, 2011

Biden and Clinton talk “human rights” while China continues to destroy our economy…

High level meetings with China in Washington this week focus on the mundane – rather than the substantive….Once again it is the weak kneed Obama administration which is afraid to confront China about its secret meetings with Russia and France  to establish a more “convenient” trading currency than the US dollar.

China is investing hand over fist in “hard” investments worldwide – disposing of US dollars in these transactions rather than holding them as equity against its purchase of US Treasury Bonds(read “US debt”).

It is time to put some backbone into US foreign policy to ensure stability of the US dollar(China manipulates their currency against the dollar to gain financial advantage in international transactions) – in weakness, Obama’s wrecking crew woud rather than raise glasses in toasts to each other in ornate White House dinners…Sadly, we have no one with backbone in the Obama administration who has the guts to stand up and lecture China on this problem…rather  than on  human rights…

what is your opinion?


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