Posted by: conservativecritic | May 9, 2011

It’s Long Overdue to Disarm and throw Pakistan under the bus…

A SPECIAL NOTE:  We received a response from an Indian national regarding this blog entry – but the language and anger expressed by this badly misled individual who also espoused strong anti-semitic views dictated that we not print his response.

India, as with other nations, benefits by the world class education its students receive here in the USA when they come with a valid VISA – they work here and return to their country to help build the infrastructure of their native lands.  Somehow all of that is missed by those with uncontrolled angst such as the above respondent.

And, to blame the US for its continuing efforts to restrict the spread of nuclear weapons and to mitigate cross-border aggression truly shows the huge ideological gap between the East and the West.  India has its own set of problems which fosters unrest and a need for economic and geographic expansion to accommodate a rapidly growing population in need of work and space to live.

The anti-western and anti-Israel rantings do not help communications between those in that area of the world and here in the West to work together for a more peaceful and economically viable relationship.


Regardless of the denials, the fact remains that Pakistan officials(military or otherwise) had been hiding Osama Bin Laden in an affluent area near Islamabad.  Even now, the man who helped locate and personally identify Bin Laden via DNA has been sentenced by Pakistan to an extensive prison sentence for “actions against the State(Pakistan)”…Which conclusively proves that Pakistan was never in our corner during the search for Bin Laden – and similarly, is not sincerely dedicated to eradicating the Taliban and Bin Laden’s remaining terrorists from the country.

What do we need to do for our Secretary of State(Clinton) and President Obama to let them know that this is not a winning team…and that ALL foreign aid needs to be cut of from that country and means  found to extract what remaining nuclear weapons exist from that area as well.

Pakistan is an insignificant blot on the Asian map – important to us only because they hold several nuclear weapons – supposedly as a defensive measure against their arch-enemy India.

They hate us there in Pakistan – and they, like many other where we throw “foreign aid”, are a thankless nation, even revealing the name of a supposed US intelligence attache in Islamabad who is there to help coordinate US and Pakistan anti-terrorism activities. They demonstrate in the street against the US, burn our flag, and revere Osama Bin Laden(even after his death).

…and we send foreign aid to people like these?

We pussy-foot with Pakistan and give them foreign aid supposedly to help protect the nuclear arsenal that sits in that country.  It’s time to disarm both of these countries – eliminate foreign aid to both…and substantially reduce the stress in that part of the world.

If they want to blow up India, let them do so, but without  nuclear weapons…if India wants to retailiate over Kashmir, let them kill each other till kingdom come…but without nuclear weapons.  That part of the world is overpopulated anyway.

Remember it was one of those “trusted” Pakistani nuclear scientists who a few years ago passed nuclear secrets to terrorists in North Korea and who knows where else.  So, if we cannot trust them regarding either the search for Osama Bin Laden…or the protection of nuclear secrets, what use is this country to us?  They export nothing to us…except perhaps drugs and prostitutes.  We give them suitcases full of money as “foreign aid” in return.

Massive Drug Production in Pakistan…

A Pakistani Prostitute and Victim of Pakistani Sex Trade

How do we accomplish this seemingly impossible task?  We put someone in the White House with the guts and determination to stop this insanity and constant cross-border killing between Pakistan and India.  Clearly, the Obama Administration is clueless in this regard and doesn’t have the willpower or foresight to disarm both of these countries…by way of the UN Security Council…  We will have to wait for someone in the White House who has more than a teleprompter and slick writers to step up to this job.

What do you think?


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