Posted by: conservativecritic | May 18, 2011

Chinese now playing God in the garden…

Recent news reports indicate that watermellons, impregnated with a “growth chemical” called  forchlorfenuron are exploding in Chinese fields.  Imagine walking through a field of ripening watermellons and suddenly it sounds like a land mine in the Iraqi desert – “KABAM” and a watermellon next to you explodes.

Exploding Chinese GMO watermellons...

While academic “experts”(who for the most part have never sat on a tractor or combine) and fertilizer companies continue to champion the concept of Genetically  Modified Organisms(GMO), now we have scientists trying to alter the natural growth process of food ripening in the field.  A balanced review of GMO shows that virtually none of the  promised benefits of this process have been attained – yet the studies roll in from cooperative academic grant recipients extolling the virtues of playing God in the garden.

Books are being written describing the potential famines that may occur when sufficient scientific nonsense is inserted into our world’s food supply.  This reality is indeed not too far away.

Consider the fact that bees dying by the millions when exposed to the toxins in various pollinating crops –  placed there by the Monsanto’s and Dupont’s of the agriculture and pesticide industries.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen to our food supplies when the pollination process of honeybees is suddenly taken from our agricultural fields.

Put some time into studying just why Europeans, as dumb as they might seem otherwise, reject GMO produce in their grocery stores…Then ask why the almighty dollar and an incestuous relationship between the FDA and the agricultural pesticide and fertilizer industries is allowed to flourish here in the USA – pushing GMO products down our throats daily.

See for additional information.

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