Posted by: conservativecritic | June 3, 2011

Why Liberals Excel at “Killing the Messenger”

I have a few associates who are quite liberal – I really can’t call these  people “friends” because as soon as they find out I am a conservative or Christian, they come unglued and what appears to be an underlying hatred of things conservative, hidden and seething just beneath the surface of their persona, springs into action.  Who needs friends like that?

This phenomena is as predictable as the sun rising daily in the east.

Some sort of mental trip mechanism in their liberal makeup starts a tirade of ad-hominem attacks on conservative media representatives, myself as well as anyone who opposes the liberal lifestyle.

This business of killing the messenger signals to me that the issue which irritates their mentality is less important, and not worth discussing, than the “conservative messenger” who is bringing this unwelcome news to the light of day.

So, next  time a liberal loon throws an issue in your face which originated from the mouth or pen of someone else, just remember that the liberal has no arguable position on the issue and resorts to ad hominem attacks which simply illustrates his or her narrow mentality.


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