Posted by: conservativecritic | June 9, 2011

A Post-Christian America is here…

America is fast becoming a post-Christian nation, and as a result, Christianity is coming under increasing attack.

The Secularists and Humanists who are fighting to gain control of our nation hate everything that Christianity stands for — particularly such things as morality, individual liberty, and free enterprise. They are determined to erase all vestiges of Christianity from our social consciousness. Christmas and Easter have been replaced with “Winter Holiday” and “Spring Holiday.” The Ten Commandments have been declared unconstitutional. Prayer and Bible reading have been banned from our public schools. Personal expressions of the Christian faith, like wearing a cross on a necklace or a lapel, have come under attack.

President Obama has started censoring the Declaration of Independence when he quotes it. Instead of quoting in its original form, he deletes any reference to our Creator. Thus, his revised version reads as follows, with the bracketed words deleted: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed [by their Creator] with certain unalienable rights…”

This is an outrage. Our natural rights come from God, not government.

The President has also started referring to our “freedom of worship” instead of our “freedom of religion.” This is a deliberate change of words that carries great implications. Freedom of worship means nothing more than the freedom to worship God in the privacy of your home or church. Freedom of religion means the right to exercise your religion publicly.

And then there is the effort on the part of the Secularists and Humanists to limit our freedom of religious expression through the enactment of hate crime laws. The idea is to use these laws to stop Christians from speaking out on moral issues.

Christian access to the airwaves is in jeopardy as attempts are made to submit all broadcasting to review by local community boards to assure “balanced expression of opinions.” Censorship masquerades under the “fairness doctrine” which would require equal time for all viewpoints. Thus, if a Christian broadcaster were to speak out against abortion, he would have to supply free time on his program, at his expense, for a pro-abortion person to express his views.

Christians are being targeted for harassment. A photographer is sued for discrimination because he refuses to accept a job photographing a same-gender marriage. A woman has legal charges brought against her because she posts a notice on her church’s bulletin board announcing she has a room for rent and is looking for a Christian room mate. Again, she is charged with “discrimination.”

University professors are routinely denied tenure because they are Christians.

 Meanwhile Hollywood continues to spew forth its venom in the form of movies and television programs that openly mock the Bible, Jesus, and Christians.

We are clearly in an era of a post-Christian America…

Globally, an international interfaith conference has revealed that 105,000 Christians are being killed every year simply because of their faith.





The shocking figures revealed at the “International Conference on Inter-religious dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims,” held in Hungary, show that a Christian is killed every five minutes somewhere in the world because of their faith.


These figures did not include the victims of civil wars, or wars between nations, but only the people put to death because they are Christians.  Is this coming to America soon?


What do you think?


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