Posted by: conservativecritic | June 10, 2011

Let’s Hear it for the Mobs in Idaho…

Here’s a guy in Idaho – the School’s Superintendent, who conducted a much needed overhaul of the state’s education system in order to ensure that collective bargaining, tenure for lousy teachers were eliminated in order to balance the budget while providing  laptops for every student so that they could find out what the 21st Century was all about(beyond video games) before they graduated.

He gets the finger from passers by who are part of the union mobs who went to his home, slashed his tires, spray painted his truck and went to his mother’s house to threaten her…while the state of Idaho overwhelmingly voted in these much needed changes.  

Here’s the same mob mentality that currently reigns in Madison, Wisconsin where the Governor has had to take drastic economic steps to keep the State from declaring bankruptcy and having its bonds downgraded to junk status…but, the union mobs seem not to care there either, replete with a lack of understanding of the implication of out of control  income and balance sheets whether in small business or in the government.  I guess they only teach liberal arts there in Madison…

Idaho used to be a nice place – but now it looks like it is being over run by the same mob mentality that has infested state after state when red ink begins to run in the ledgers of the state budgets.  



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