Posted by: conservativecritic | June 26, 2011

Memo to General Petraeus…

Dear General Petraeus – there are no more dragons for you to slay in the military…you have done your duty and beyond for our military…while President Obama has openly ignored your professional opinion and simultaneously backhanded  you with respect to troop considerations in Afghanistan—and perhaps other issues which you have kindly refused to make public.

The question is…why do you think it would be any different if you were at the CIA?

Obama has already ignored the Department of Defense, the FBI and its Legal Staff as others on military and intelligence issues such as Libya – you will be wasting your time at CIA – directing good people with good intentions and with a predictable dead end.

Obama is a certifiable narcissist and desperately needs to project the image of complete and total self-reliance, consequently ignoring good advice and intelligence…what possible good could come of your tenure running an intelligence operation that he will likely ignore and in fact work diligently to discredit or suppress?

To be perfectly honest – I don’t believe Obama cares a whit about you as an individual – much like he disliked General McCrystal.  Instead, I suspect he fears you and wants you personally out of the election race in 2012 by way of your anticipated leadership at the CIA.

Resign now on good terms with the country and Congress – and find a good running mate – perhaps like Michelle Bachmann or another strong conservative to do some heavy lifting with the Tea Party.

Granted, you could do all of that yourself without breaking a sweat…and make Obama look like a piker in a very likely sweep of the 2012 presidential race. But, you need to find a good partner who is as forthright and as strong as you — and between the two of you help put America back on track.

A second term for Obama will clearly spell doom for our economy, the military establishment and our international standing.  You have no baggage that the media can cast about – and your management experience in handling the affairs of tens of thousands of personnel, logistics, planning and execution will shine – and you will have made all of your many years of outstanding military experience worth while when you work to refocus America’s future.

America needs a Petraeus now – and not a socialist tin pan dictator who has no idea how to manage a corner candy store much less put people in the private sector back to work…but who is very, very good at creating class warfare – something we don’t need  now.

I think you can do this – and I hope this memo somehow reaches you and helps you decide that America is in need of leadership such as yours and that we cannot afford to continue to be the laughing stock of the world when it comes to decision making and diplomatic acumen.

"...I really wasn't bowing....I was looking to see if there was a good place they could kiss me on my shoes"...

Perhaps you could pray about it – and at the same time realize that  we need a fresh breeze such as yourself rather than a bunch of stuffed shirts.

General Petraeus at prayer prior to a Congressional hearing...

I can safely say that I speak for millions…

Your friend, the Conservative Critic…


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