Posted by: conservativecritic | July 7, 2011

Obama Continuing to Throw Good Money After Bad…

Parading through some of America’s largest Universities in the last couple of months, President Obama continues to try to spread tax money around for “…advanced research to build America’s manufacturing skills and capabilities”.

Key to these University visits are companion meetings with selected industries(mainly green ones) where the promise is made that money and research conducted in academia will provide additional technical tools and jobs for these industries.

What has Obama been smoking lately when he comes up with nonsense like that ??

What has Obama been smoking lately?

The recent bankruptcy filing by Silicon Valley’s Solyndra, Obama’s poster child for solar power arrays and “green energy jobs”, chewed up half a billion dollars of taxpayer money after Obama guaranteed a government loan for that “green jobs” company that was supposed to be the advance guard for millions of US jobs in alternative energy.

Alternative energy companies have had a history of insolvency – even with massive government subsidies(ethanol, for example)..In Solyndra’s case, no one did their homework to find out that China was already making less expensive solar arrays and EXPORTING THEM TO AMERICA!!

Two other American solar companies, Evergreen Solar and SpectraWatt, also sought bankruptcy protection in the last 30 days – also citing China’s competition in the marketplace.

Obama and his Energy Czar are just plain stupid.

Academia is one of the least profitable arenas for basic or applied research which leads to short or long term industrial advancements and growth.  Industry has been pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps since 1776.

If there are either beneficial basic or applied research efforts conducted at a university level, any measurable results from any technology transfer to industry are probably 10 or more years in the future – providing no help whatsoever in the short term search for industrial competitiveness and jobs.

Industry also has to bear the potential burden of the universities requiring royalties and intellectual property claims on technology developments within the ivory towers – even if those developments were externally funded by alumni endowments or government grants.

There is no winner in this shell game.

Obama continues to avoid the obvious solution to industrial unemployment and technology advancement:  he blames the rich(who characteristically own and operate the key industrial operations which create jobs and provide tax contributions for Congress and the White House to cast about) for the current economic malaise!!  This from a president who has not had the hands on experience in running even a corner grocery store.

A classic example is his recent press conference:

“I’ve said to some of the Republican leaders, ‘You go talk to your constituents — the Republican constituents — and ask them,” Obama said, “are they willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break? And I’m pretty sure what the answer would be.”

This “rich people are criminals for not paying their fair share” tripe is getting old and stale.  It works for unions and Obama’s guaranteed block of voters but it begins and ends there.

Keep in mind that Congress wrote the tax laws, not the rich(they were too busy working).  It is unfathomable that liberals would attack the golden geese of our country in order to score political points for the morons that believe socialism is the answer to our country’s problems.

So – Obama continues to apply taxation pressure to industry – creating fewer jobs and more reliance of the working(or unemployed) on government largesse.  Taxing industry further reduces research and development funds which are characteristically drawn from internally generated profits in these companies.  This is another upside-down and contorted view that Obama continues to press on American industry.

Alan Tonelson, in a recent Christian Science Monitor editorial shows very clearly that the half billion dollars that Obama wants to dole out to selected Universities simply cannot make a dent in the private sector’s $565 billion trade deficit.  Tonelson also points out that Obama, the nation’s supposedly Chief Executive, is simply signaling our trade competitors that “…my firm(the USA) is doing great; I’m losing market share to my competitors”.  Any CEO saying this sort of thing publicly would be summarily terminated by the Board of Directors and marched out the front door of his company.

Back to the University visits…Having taught at a major US University and participated in university research programs, I can say unequivocally that government grants create little more results than a few innocuous technical journal papers and presentations which deal with such abstract issues that industry needs to hire a university professor or consultant to interpret such papers and determine if there are any substantive technical “goodies” which have merit.

When is the last time you saw a PhD dissertation leading to an industrial breakthrough?  It is indeed a long shot and the dissertation usually  ends up somewhere in the University technical library filed under “miscellaneous”…

The results of University research...unread piles of paper...

There is nothing wrong with the American business model – which Obama is desparately trying to wreck.  It needs less  government intervention by way of regulations and taxation – not more of each which Obama and his crew of wrecking crew czars are dreaming up  over wine and cheese parties around the Washington beltway every evening.

Give us a break Obama – keep your nose and those of your inexperienced “czars” out of academic and industrial issues where you don’t understand the basics.

Bad things can happen when you stick your nose into places where it does not belong...

We understand that there are still a lot of openings for “community organizers” on the South Side of Chicago – you may do a lot better there than trying to demolish America’s business environment.

Obama - professional community organizer...

Spend some time in Washington  instead of jetting around the country on vacations, evening outings with the wife on Broadway or raising cash for the 2012 election campaign.  At $200,000 per flight hour for Air Force One, it should be mandated that when the  President uses such elite public resources he will need to pay for it out of his own pocket or campaign funds.

Only then we will see a president hard at work in the Oval Office rather than chasing around the country on a continuous campaign effort during the time when our nation is wrestling with raging unemployment, rampart illegal immigration, an upside down energy program, domestic and international terrorism and other issues.


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