Posted by: conservativecritic | July 7, 2011

Obama: “…the billions of the US Debt are not my fault(even though it was my stimulus and my giveaways) – it’s Congress’ fault!!”

True to form, Obama is laying the blame for everything that is going wrong on his watch on everyone else—but himself.

“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” -John Burr

This is classic Obama – refusing to accept responsibility in any manner, way or form for what is going wrong with the economy, unemployment, Mideast Peace Processes, increased terrorist activities in Iraq(now that we are leaving), and the list goes on and on…

Using the Presidential Bully Pulpit – Obama is quick to point fingers at Congress and the rich for every national problem – but steadfastly refuses to participate in solutions without recrimination being handed out to all parties except the incompetents in  his administration.  He insists on slapping corporations who own private jets with massive taxes while he luxuriates once every two days in Air Force One – tripping around the country on vacations, personal “nights out with his wife”, party flights and fund raising activities.

At nearly $200,000 per flight hour, he has amassed tens of millions of dollars in personal use of Government assets(Air Force One) while Americans line up at grocery counters with food stamps or in unemployment lines.  It is clear that Obama doesn’t understand that it is the corporations of America and primarily the richer portion of our nation that generates jobs which generates taxes that allow Obama to flagrantly throw billions of dollars at worthless investments.

Management by following – following  the dozens of incompetent czars he has set up to “manage” various parts of the US economy, military and security operations – that is why it appears to the public that he is “engaged” in all of these things.

Position papers flow from the czar’s offices to Obama – he takes credit where it appears there is political advantage and lays blame when he begins to feel the heat.  No one in corporate America would tolerate such insane management practices – that frankly is why the government(and Obama’s) public rating is falling weekly.

Never in the history of America have we had a president who likes to point fingers at everyone except those in his administration who have orchestrated massive debt and incompetence in energy, unemployment and general economic malaise.

He is not the same person who promised to heal divisions in America – he engages in class warfare and continues to divide the  country on race and economic issues virtually every 11 hours(average time between public speeches).

The Image Speaks for Itself…

It is  time for a change – and not the change that Obama promised during the election.


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