Posted by: conservativecritic | July 14, 2011

Obama continues to mock people and ideologies – is this any way to treat his countrymen?

Obama mocked the Republican effort to provide a new budget – inviting the architect of the plan to sit in the front row of one of the President’s briefings – and then publicly mocking him and his plan; Obama continues to mock his apparent challengers for the 2012 election(Trump, Romney, Gingrich, Palin and others); and now Obama mocks the Republican efforts to control illegal immigration from Mexico and reduce the national debt by limiting government spending.

Is this the way a President should respond to competition, criticism or alternative ideas?  Only a narcissist would act like this – see our earlier blog on President Obama, the narcissist.

In all of the 60 plus years I have been on this earth, I have never heard a President of the United States be so disrespectful to competitive ideas, the opposition party or even individuals who would challenge  his position of leadership.  Countries around the world see these disgusting actions and view Obama as a naive and disconnected wannabe leader.

With the world watching – they see an angry black man who has become enamored with the trappings of the White House and with the support of a puppy dog media begin to show his true colors – threatening to stop Social Security and military payments if he doesn’t get his way with enormous tax increases on the rich.

Anyone with a pocket calculator  can easily figure out that taxing ALL of the earnings of those making over $250,000 per year will not erase even a modest amount of the national debt – but it does illustrate the continuing class warfare program the President brought to the White House from his father’s background in Kenya.  Read Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father”, in his own revealing words, and you will see the class warfare and anti-West hatred that the Obama family has inbred into the President as he was growing up.

Obama and his class warfare program…(Joe the Plumber had it right!)

It is true that the Congress has a low approval rating – but we didn’t  elect a dictator to occupy the Oval Office – but that’s what it appears we now have…someone who rants and raves, threatens anyone in his path, stomps out of meetings and mocks anyone who dares object to his agenda if they get his way – the classic characteristics of a pathological narcissist…sad, but true.


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