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The failure of the “self-esteem” and “Possibility Thinking” gospel of Robert Schuller…a modern day, theological pied piper – leading people over the cliff into disaster.


NOTE:  Schuller and family have been kicked off the board of directors by the new Catholic Church owners – its about time someone put a stop to the outrageous golden parachutes and diamond studded perks that the Schuller family had been grabbing for years and years – and likely a significant portion of why the organization went bankrupt last  year…

it’s always been about money….then and now…and partly due to putting a woman in charge(don’t they read the bible in that  church?)

“…let your women keep silence in the church” 1 Cor. 14:34. Apparently Schuller has that page of the bible ripped out….as he lets his daughter deliver a sermon…it is no wonder that Schuller’s ministry has hit the skids….God does not bless activities which are in opposition to His Word…


Note:  the latest scuttlebutt is that the Catholic Church has been selected(even being low bidder) on the (Crystal Cathedral) facility – primarily, according to insiders who say that the low bidder had a pocket of surplus cash(read “golden parachute”) in the deal for the Schuller family) – disgusting is the word that comes to mind…


The “Crystal Cathedral”, the monumental glass edifice built in Los Angeles to promote the Possibility Thinking and self-esteem theology of Robert Schuller is now in chapter 11 bankruptcy  – and on the market to the highest bidder.

The latest information indicates that Chapman University(Disciples of Christ affiliation) is currently the high bidder at close to $60 million as indicated by the Crystal Cathedral Board .  Even the Catholic Church was known to be in on the bidding…

A SPECIAL NOTE:  THE CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL – POSSIBLY FROM THE POT INTO THE FIRE – The Disciples of Christ is led by Sharon Watkins, in direct opposition to what the Bible says about women preachers in 1 Corinthians 14: 34-45

“…let your women keep silence in the churches; for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.  And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home,  for it is a shame for women to speak in the Church(KJV)”  

For more on this subject, see

If you are sitting or serving in a church where the woman leader/preacher eschews/ignores these very clear biblical instructions, find another church or place of worship where the Bible’s teachings are revered rather than adopting a “religiously correct” view of today’s social engineered society.

Likely if the verses in 1 Corinthians above are ignored in your church, what other orthodox Christian beliefs are discarded cafeteria style (or never discussed) with respect to personal salvation, sin and redemption?

Robert Schuller’s bankrupt “Crystal Cathedral”…


Born in 1926 to an Iowan family of Dutch descent, Robert Schuller was reared in the Reformed Church in America. He entered the pastorate in 1951 at Hope Church in Chicago, which over the next four years grew from 38 to 400 members. In 1955, his denomination sent him to Orange County, California to establish a new church there. After trying unsuccessfully to rent numerous facilities, Schuller finally rented the Orange County Drive-In Theater for Sunday mornings.

Schuller went from door to door inviting people to come to his church, and asking them what type of church they would like to attend. He began to see his church as a mission, a place where non-Christians would feel comfortable enough to come in and then later “accept Jesus.” How would he do this? By preaching only positive things! Schuller credits close friend Norman Vincent Peale “with fine tuning his own positive faith and laying the foundation for his own Possibility Thinking that was to come.”


Norman Vincent Peale may not be a familiar name to many in the church but he is called by some as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time. This being true, one must wonder what spirituality they are speaking of.

He was called one of the best known Protestant ministers. Peale was the pastor the Marble Collegiate Church, a Reformed Church in America congregation in New York City, from the year 1932 to 1984. At the time of his retirement the church had 5,000 members, and tourists lined up around the block to hear Peale preach. Peale’s weekly radio program, “The Art of Living,” was broadcast on NBC for 54 years. His sermons were mailed to 750,000 people a month. His Guidepost Magazine continues its popularity today having a circulation of more than 4.5 million, the largest for any religious publication.

Like Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, was a 33rd-degree Mason. He was a member of the Woodbridge Lodge in Brooklyn, grand chaplain of the grand lodge in NY, life member of the crescent shrine temple in Trenton N.J. and past imperial grand chaplain of the shrine.

If anyone does not know what Masonry teaches it is anti Christ to the max. When one reaches the highest(i.e. 33rd) degrees they find that the God of the bible is the devil and Lucifer the light bearer is the real God. They also believe that good works will give them entrance to Gods kingdom they call the heavenly lodge.

Robert Schuller attributes Peale to having the greatest influence on his life as he was a disciple and mentor of his. Schuller calls Peale

“the man who has impacted and influenced my thinking and my theology and my life more than any other living person …. “. (“The Plus Factor,” published excerpts from a Peale talk on Schuller’s “Hour of Power,’ copyrighted 1985 by Robert Schuller, p. 3.)

It was Peales positive thinking that gave birth to Schuller’s ever popular secular “possibility thinking”. Schuller turned Peale’s, positive mind control into “Possibility Thinking,”

“Possibility thinking makes miracles happen…. The greatest power in the world is the power of possibility thinking” (Schuller, Your Church, p. 85.)

Peale’s spirituality is not Christian but New Thought and are embraced among evangelicals who have not discerned its true  and satanic origin. Peale’s message was the power of the mind….

“Your unconscious mind… [has a] power that turns wishes into realities when the wishes are strong enough.” (Norman V. Peale Positive Imaging p.77)

In his Power of Positive Thinking we immediately find written— believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities (p.1).


Peale’s has acknowledged that his theology of positive thinking came from Ernest Holmes, founder of the New Age/Occultic Church of Religious Science (Ernest Holmes, The First Religious Scientist, James Reid, p. 14). The phrase “Positive Thinking” came originally from Charles Fillmore, but it was Peale who made it a cultural icon. (of course Robert Schuller used it as well)

So, in the final analysis, Robert Schuller’s theology is based on New Age and Occultic beliefs – rather than on a biblically based foundation.


In September of 1959, ground-breaking ceremonies were held at the location of the present church property in Garden Grove, California. The Crystal Cathedral was completed in 1980, from which Schuller now tapes his weekly service and later broadcasts on his weekly “Hour of Power” television show (begun in 1970).

Aerial view of the Schuller “campus”…

This cathedral is a vast golden edifice with 10,000 windows, huge video screens, and a 10-foot tall angel hovering from the roof on a rope of gold. He has built up a congregation of over 9,500 members in a church that cost over $20 million.

The “Tower of Power” television ministry made more than $50 million a year and was beamed to about 20 million viewers in more than 180 countries. Schuller claimed to receive between thirty and forty thousand letters a week and is said to have a mailing list of over one million people. He  authored more than 25 books, several of them national best sellers. (Source: “A Profile of Robert Schuller,” by J.P. Gudel, Forward, Spring 1985.)


Schuller’s false teaching is an extremely serious matter in light of his wide influence. His has been one of the most popular religion television broadcasts in America. His books sold by the millions. He appeared with presidents. His “self-esteem Christianity” has been adopted by multitudes.

These believe they are Christians and attend churches; but in reality, they worship a false christ and follow a false gospel. Robert Schuller and his mentor, the late Norman Vincent Peale, are two of the key culprits in promoting this error.

Schuller reinterprets the doctrines of the Word of God to conform with his self-esteem philosophy. His Christ is a Jesus who provides men with self-esteem. Schuller’s gospel is the replacement of negative self concepts with positive ones. To Schuller, sin is merely the lack of self-esteem.

To Schuller, the greatest evil is to call men sinners in a Biblical fashion and thereby injure their self-esteem.

The bottom line  in Schuller’s message is that there is NO need for one to recognize his own personal sin, NO need for repentance, and NO need for the crucifixion of self. In fact, concerning the latter point, Schuller teaches just the opposite philosophy — that self is to be exalted — which is nothing less than New Age beliefs and an outright denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let’s hear that again…Schuller teaches just the opposite of the Bible and a philosophy that self/man is to be exalted-which is nothing less than an outright denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (See Self-Esteem: The New Reformation, wherein Schuller says,

“Jesus knew His worth; His success fed His self-esteem. He suffered the cross to sanctify His self-esteem and He bore the cross to sanctify your self-esteem. The cross will sanctify the ego trip” [compare with Matthew 16:24].

Since Schuller will not preach from the pulpit the gospel of repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ, nor teach from the Bible, what then is the message he propagates? Los Angeles Times staff writer Bella Stumbo, after an extended interview with Schuller, wrote:

“In short, Robert Schuller believes that God placed him on this Earth to preach possibility thinking” (“The Gospel of Success),” 5/29/83, Los Angeles Times, p. 24).

To underscore just how “vitally important” this message is, Schuller once wrote:

“I believe in positive thinking. It is almost as important as the resurrection of Jesus Christ” (Michael Nason and Donna Nason, Robert Schuller: The Inside Story, 1983, p. 152).

So in short, Schuller’s “possibility thinking” replaces truth. It doesn’t matter what or whom one believes, but only that one be positive. He argues that Biblical doctrine may have communicated to people in the past, but to OUR GENERATION it seems so “negative” and offensive that it turns people off.

According to Schuller, the gospel has to be revised to fit “our generation”?

By comparison, MALACHI 3:6 says very clearly:

 “…I am the Lord, I change not”.

So according to Schuller, what is needed now is a “positive” gospel that everyone can accept.

In an article in The Orange County Register, Schuller berated preachers “who spew forth their angry, hate-filled sermons of fire and brimstone.” Explaining that the way to “tell the good religion from the bad religion” is whether it is “positive,” Schuller exhorted “religious leaders … whatever their theology … to articulate their faith in positive terms.” He then called for a “massive, united effort by leaders of all religions” to proclaim “the positive power … of world-community-building religious values.” (Emphases added.)

For Schuller, then, “faith” is a power of the mind and “God” is merely a placebo that helps one “believe” and thereby activate mind power. For example, on an Amway tape, Schuller exults,

“You don’t know the power you have within you! … You make the world into anything you choose.”

This is Babel again, only in a more sophisticated form. The power of thinking becomes the magic stairway that leads to the paradise where all one’s wishes can be fulfilled — nothing but an “evangelical” form of Christian Science or Science of Mind! (6/93, The Berean Call).


Like dozens of television-based so-called faith healers, Robert Schuller for years has told people what they wanted to hear, tickling their ears and pandering to their man-centered worldview.

2 Timothy 4:3-4…  “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” 

Perhaps his present difficulties are due at least in part to the fact that his theology–or rather anthropology–has left viewers spiritually malnourished. And maybe, just maybe, after a steady diet of this pap, his viewers are beginning to discover that they could find the same nutritional value in Psychology Today, albeit without the baptized vocabulary.

After all, at least, Psychology Today doesn’t ask for donations.

Meanwhile, Schuller continued  to build a mega-empire of real estate, fancy office buildings and lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous…quite different indeed from Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry…not even having a place to lay His head.


In a Ponzi scam, the crook takes money from investors promised huge returns, sometimes even trickling back payments to the initial marks that are labeled returns but are actually small portions of investments from new stooges (ala a pyramid scheme). But none, or hardly any, of the funds are actually invested, being spent by the thief on his or her lavish lifestyle.

According to bankruptcy court filing, the Schullers reaped generous salaries and perks for nine years while their Crystal Cathedral Ministries have nosedived financially. Similar to a Ponzi schemer using some funds to hide his tracks, the ministries also borrowed $10 million from endowment funds to make payroll and maintain the 40-acre Crystal Cathedral campus in Garden Grove, the suit alleges.

The Schullers are accused of having exerted their influence on the church to better themselves financially with huge salaries, housing allowances and other benies to the detriment of creditors, reports the Orange County Register. As the bankruptcy proceedings continue, the Schullers want to keep getting paid(enter the Catholic Church bid) along with Crystal Cathedral’s creditors. The lawsuit seeks to stop this, or at least hold off paying family members until the creditors are fully paid off. Unsecured creditors are owed more than $7.5 million.

Schuller family members claim through their attorneys that the lawsuit contains many inaccuracies and that there is no reason they should not keep getting paid what they have been getting paid(re-enter the Catholic Church bid).

Here’s the Register‘s rundown of specifics found in the creditors’ complaint:

  • Robert H. Schuller was given a discretionary fund of $300,000 after he handed over the ministry to his son Robert A. Schuller in 2006. He continued to receive compensation and housing allowances and received as much as $257,000 in 2009. He was also granted access to a 12th floor office suite. Schuller’s agreement also guarantees both him and his wife, Arvella, health insurance, staff and travel staff for the rest of their lives. Schuller’s claim: $55,226.27. Robert H. Schuller International, Schuller’s company, also demands contractual payments totaling $223,078.09.
  • Robert A. Schuller who resigned as senior pastor in 2008 was given a $235,000 reserve fund to help found a new church. Both he and his wife, Donna, were to be paid salaries and benefits for a year after they left. Under the agreement, Crystal Cathedral Ministries also agreed to give Robert A. Schuller’s new church a Mercedes Benz vehicle and $1 million in seed money for the new church. If a new church was not established, the younger Schuller and his wife would receive full salary and benefits for one additional year. The couple also occupied a condominium in Laguna Beach that was owned by the church. Robert A. Schuller’s claim: $1.4 million.
  • Paul and Jeanne Dunn: Both Paul and his wife Jeanne Dunn were compensated until the filing of bankruptcy for producing the Glories although the pageants were not produced in 2009 and 2010. Dunn’s agreement in 1992 gave him retirement benefits, life insurance, medical and disability insurance, paid staff, business, housing and car allowances. He was also allowed eight round trips per year from Hawaii, where he lives, to California. Paul Dunn’s claim: $52,037.57; Jeanne Dunn’s claim: $25,908.
  • Tim and Carol Milner: The suit alleges that Tim Milner received $10,000 per month in salary since 2006 to provide services at the discretion of his father-in-law and that he had no defined role or duties. Carol Milner was given a salary and housing allowance as well, but she provided “little or no benefit” to Crystal Cathedral Ministries. Tim Milner’s claim: $ 98,313. Carol Milner’s claim: $10,615.
  • Fred Southard: The only insider who was not a Schuller family member, Southard was the CFO of Crystal Cathedral ministries who retired early this year. He received a tax-free housing allowance of $132,019.33 per year. The complaint alleges that he loaned $100,000 to Crystal Cathedral Ministries and in return received a deed of trust on a specific property. However, the deed of trust was not recorded. Southard has filed two claims for $49,785-97 and $100,000 respectively.

Having visited the Crystal Cathedral some years ago on a short tour when it was empty during  the weekday, I got the feeling that there were strange and oppressive spirits inside the glass building…with the hair standing up on the back of my neck…and getting very anxious to leave the place…quite different from worship centers where one can feel the presence of God and his Holy Spirit.

Robert Schuller needs to find the Real Gospel and the Real Jesus Christ – rather than a man-centered philosophy which leads people down the path to the New Age, the occult and possibly worse…


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