Posted by: conservativecritic | August 13, 2011

Obama Condemns the Rich…but Vacations With Them in Chicago, New York and Martha’s Vineyard…go figure…

Once again, Obama talks out of both sides of mouth – on one hand decrying the rich in America and corporate leaders who happen to have a private jet…and on the other hand, hobnobbing with those same rich folks in mobster town USA(Chicago), at $30,000 per plate dinners with the Homosexual crowd in New York and the rich and famous playground of Martha’s Vineyard(where he will be on vacation again later this month).

Obama joining the jet setting rich at Martha's Vineyard - after blasting them for having their own private jets

As usual, Obama wants it both ways – and soon this dark time in Americas economy and class warfare will be over and he will be able to be back on the rubber chicken  circuit giving speeches as an ex-president to every liberal organization in the Yellow Pages…spreading more manure in a windstorm…


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