Posted by: conservativecritic | August 18, 2011

Obama Golfs with the Jet Set at Martha’s Vineyard—while the economy tanks, unemployment goes UP and Israel is attacked by Obama’s Muslim friends…go figure…

Obama says he has a “job’s plan”…where is it?  In his golfing bag at Martha’s Vineyard?  Since he has committed to his wife and the party crowd at Martha’s Vineyard to dinners, golfing and lots of booze parties, he again puts his job as chief CEO on the back burner…just like when he was in the Senate and voted “present” or simply did not show up to vote…

This is a president who is AWOL – his vacation comes first – they have thrown over 170 parties last year at the White House – costing $10 million or more…I guess I would need a vacation from that hectic party schedule as well…and he’s on the Air Force One party plane once every 48 hours campaigning or visiting his Chicago mob friends, his homosexual supporters in New York…the list goes on…guess I would need a break from all of that luxurious travel, food and booze as well.

It is indeed time for a change – and too bad we have to wait until 2012 to make that leadership change…

Obama and his wife are sucking this high life up to the max…I guess they believe it won’t last much longer so they have to make the best of it while they can…trips to the Mediterranean holiday spots for Mrs. Obama and the kids…and then on to Africa for a couple of photo ops for her…she is really eating this up…millions of dollars for the dozens of “assistants” she has to “gofer” every little need she has…

time for this playtime to end.  Take away his tele  prompter and he is just another hack politician…

What do you think…?


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