Posted by: conservativecritic | August 20, 2011

Obama simply doesn’t get it…even after three years…

Obama simply doesn’t get it – one cannot operate a corporation or government in a deficit mode year after year, over taxing those corporations and sole-proprietorships  which generate new jobs and keep the American economy growing.  Meanwhile, Obama is becoming the laughing stock of our long  term ally Great Britain by giving their prime minister  20 hip-hop and rap CD’s in a diplomatic blunder.

That’s what happens when an uneducated and starry-eyed American public puts an individual in charge of the largest corporate operation on earth, an individual who hasn’t even run a corner candy store.

A serious lack of diplomatic skills, a repeated ignorance of the nation’s balance sheet and income statements, an absence of organizational leadership and administrative ability has allowed this young and inexperienced pied piper to lead America in three short years to the edge of a financial cliff.

While the White House tries to spin the increasing number of administrative failures and emphasize Obama’s “leadership skills”,  TV network talking heads are already wondering if Obama is in over his head.  They seem to have good reason:

Obama thinks it is more important to have a few laughs with Jay Leno than be locked at the hip with other problem solvers in Washington, working on solutions to our financial crisis.  Or, perhaps just having a beer or two …

Another “beer summit”…only things get worse rather than better…

Obama believes it is more important to be signing executive orders further dividing America and rewarding his election campaign supporters instead of bringing us together as he repeatedly promised during the presidential campaign.

Obama, even now with the AIG, TARP and related financial debacles, instructs a Congress which has no corporate experience and no moral or fiscal compass to re-construct a budget which “cuts the deficit” while he himself piles on more costly social programs to further financially hobble our children and grandchildren.

Obama clearly lacks the personal judgment to select qualified cabinet members who are unencumbered by tax or ethics issues and instead selects a chief of staff whose filthy language makes people wonder if he eats with the same mouth.

Obama the narcissist…”…its all about me, me, me”…

Obama has  consistantly broken campaign promises and uses the social engineering byword “situational ethics” to justify such changes.

Obama one week forecasts impending financial disaster equaling the Great Depression if his social engineering “stimulus bill” is not passed by Congress; then casually jets to Chicago to shoot a few hoops instead of signing this “important” bill; and then two weeks later publicly says that there is no financial crisis.

It is time for America to realize they are seeing the “perfect financial storm” being  created by an individual who is viewed by a young and highly impressionable electorate, as  “cool”, “hip” and good at “playing as president” yet clearly out of touch with reality and lacking the basic fundamentals of leadership, business experience and ethics that America desperately needs at this time.

And no, Obama is not the biblical anti-Christ; he is simply not smart enough for that pay grade.  But, his election clearly indicates one thing: that the world is now ready to accept and to follow, without question or proper vetting, a highly charismatic   individual who promises change and unity on a global scale.

In other words, the world has shown it is now fully prepared to accept the coming anti-Christ who will be the equivalent of “Obama times ten”.   Obama is clearly a precursor and prime time facilitator of this future event.


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