Posted by: conservativecritic | September 12, 2011

Obama’s jobs plan – tax the companies who could create jobs…

Here it is folks…the wonderful jobs plan that Obama was carrying around in his golf bag for ten days at Martha’s Vineyard while on vacation:  tax the folks for whom he would create token tax breaks – a true zero sum program worthy of some despotic, third world leader!

Apparently Obama found out that the “special committee” that was supposed to cut one trillion dollars from the budget in the coming weeks just might not be able to do so – and adding his $450 billion jobs plan project to their efforts simply would have been a non-starter…

So, the natural response is to tax the corporate jet owners, tax the middle and high income earners who give money or other charitable contributions to churches, the YMCA, Boy Scouts…and then throw them a small tax break on social security withholding presuming that they will hire more people with the extra 2 or 3 percent SHORT TERM relief from this employer tax responsibility.

Obama has shown he has no solid ideas on how to reduce the runaway deficit – so he drops all discussion of tht item and slides into the next quagmire – jobs creation…something he has clearly shown with the “stimulus” program and his “shovel ready” projects and the “clunkers” projects – all of which came from  either a demented mind or  from the pit of hell …take your pick.

This thinking by an individual with NO business or economics experience shows you how far down in the idiot cycle Obama really is and it is now becoming clear to most Americans that this fuzzy math and the “from one pocket into the other” economic thinking from Obama is just more of the same garbage that all of us were expected to swallow with the various corporate and bank bailouts, ensured government loans for failing “green” industries promoted by Obama and of course the infamous stimulus that created one job for approximately every $200,000!

This is Obama leadership at its finest folks – just tax the rich and prepare to blame the business community(read Republicans) if they don’t swallow this new piece of crap…

It’s time to plan for new leadership – and to get all the Republican candidates talking about backing a single candidate – NOW, and by doing so, stop giving Democrats more ammunition to throw at fringe candidates and thus dissipate the limited funds that the GOP has available to combat Obama in 2012.

Remember, this is the best idea that Obama and his 34 “czars” and Nobel prize winning economists can come up with to create jobs…or perhaps it is as simple as the fact these economic wizards in the West Wing simply don’t have the kahunas to speak up to Obama and tell him how this really needs to be done…otherwise they will lose their jobs as “yes men and women”…

What do you think?


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