Posted by: conservativecritic | September 29, 2011

Solar Energy Projects Don’t Create Sustained Jobs…

The Tonopah, Nevada solar project being approved by President Obama on Friday will cost taxpayers approximately $737 million in today’s dollars – probably $850 million  in future dollars by the time the project is completed a couple of years from now…

The Nobel Prize laureat Dr. Chu, Obama’s venerable Secretary of Energy has calculated that it will create perhaps 25-30 permanent jobs(after construction is completed) and provide electrical power to the locals industries which are mostly whorehouses and casinos in one of the most desolate areas of Nevada.

Stay tuned for more information on this man - why and how he knows that the global warming issue is a fraud...incontrovertible proof!!!

We are quite certain that the prostitutes won’t lobby against  this project since they are known to do most of their work at night and in the dark anyway.

Dr. Chu’s wisdom in dispensing of  this money equates to approximately $737 million/30 permanent jobs or about $24 million dollars per permanent job…and this man deserves a Nobel Prize for his bureacratic wisdom and uncanny ability to use a hand calculator?

What really galls the average observer of his out of control green handout process is the fact that the cost of solar energy per kilowatt hour will raise the current cost of electricity by a factor of 3-4 in order to write down the capital expense and operating costs of this vast system.  If the system is being built to create jobs(of any number), these workers and the locals will end up  with electrical bills that might similar to car payments.

There is no clean water to wash the solar panels in the middle of the Nevada desert – where will this water come from?  Perhaps Reno or Las Vegas, each about 200 miles away…and when it gets there, what will it cost to clean up this dirty, mineral infested Nevada well water so that the solar panels don’t get scaled up like your bathroom shower doors?

This is one really smart Administration and Energy Department –  willing to step in and throw your and my tax dollars at investments which private investors have turned away from due to the idiocy of the income and balance sheets for such a project.  Only the founders of Walmart, with more money than Greece, were stupid enough to invest in Solyndra – without looking at the company books carefully.  Smart investors look for a positive return on investment, not a rathole like Solyndra or these proposed, isolated solar projects…and the environmentalists haven’t gotten into the picture yet – to defend the habitat of the desert tortoise and the kangaroo rat who might live in that forsaken landscape…

This is what the fools of America have elected to run our government and recklessly spend our money – but after all, what do you expect from a President who has  no business experience whatsoever – not even that of running a corner candy store – and a bunch of “yes” men czars who don’t dare speak up for fear they will get a pink slip the next morning…

what do you think?


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