Posted by: conservativecritic | October 3, 2011

Jesse Jackson – a self-appointed “minister”, professional race baiter, a terrible father figure, and serial adulterer – attempting to give advice once again…(one of our most popular blogs)


Rep. Jackson Jr. resigns, citing mental health – off to prison…his wife as well…

(I would have a mental health problem too …if I was a married black man and had to keep a white bar waitress as a mistress at the same time I was a public servant) –

The King James Version of the Christian Bible says, in James 1:8:

” a double minded man is unstable in all his ways”.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is clearly double minded – a typical split personality, and thus lives at least two(or more) separate lives(just like his father, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.), each characterized by features that are alien to all of his other lives…such as his unfaithfulness to his wife, and perhaps even his political persuasions and promises based on convenience at the time in question(even sounds like Barack Obama with his promises)….bipolar is the clinical description, the biblical description above is more appropriate, and he is best counseled by someone other than his adulterous father to find Jesus Christ and a new path of accomplishment in the remaining days of his life.

See our notes on Jesse Jackson Jr. at the end of this blog…the apple never falls far from the tree…the media reports “mood problems”…likely due to his infidelity with random bar waitresses – now separated from his mistress (see pix of one below and one at the end of this blog) – and was in extensive treatment at Mayo Clinic for bipolar disorder.

…the liberal media was afraid to point out this obvious problem…



The just-re-elected congressman is negotiating a plea deal for misuse of campaign funds that would include resigning his seat in Congress, repaying the money, and spending time in jail, reported CBS Chicago.

Since June, Jackson has been on leave while receiving treatment for bi-polar disorder. He was re-elected last Tuesday despite not campaigning while taking care of his health.

Illinois Congressman Danny Davis told Reuters in October that Jackson appeared frail and emotional when he saw him and there was no way to know if he would be able to return to his seat in Congress.

“I think this rest at the Mayo Clinic may be just what the doctor ordered and may be just what he needs,” Davis said. “But you can’t tell.”

The plea deal, currently being negotiated, would include Jackson resigning for health reasons, pleading guilty to misuse of campaign funds and repaying campaign contributions that were allegedly used for personal items.

Based on similar cases in the past, he likely will serve some jail time, according to the CBS report.

It’s quite clear that black women/wives are simply not good enough for the Jackson family…no wonder Jackson Jr. is currently a bipolar disorder patient at the funny farm wing of Mayo Clinic…we don’t need this type of disordered mentality in the US Congress…


Rev. Jesse Jackson, an incredibly poor father figure…and an unrepentant, perennial race-baiting activist and adulterer who excels in using the race card, together with Barack Obama and Al Sharpton, all highly experienced race baiters, have quickly rushed to justice in the ongoing investigation of the killing of a black teenager in Florida.

It is highly unlikely that Jackon, Obama or Sharpton were contacted by the parents of the dead teenager;  the three of them are attracted to potentially polarizing race issues like bears are attracted to honey – or like lawyers chasing ambulances…It has been determined that Obama’s Justice Department gave money to these race-baiters at the onset of the Zimmerman case…in order to instigate race riots in Florida…

All three have intentionally stirred up an enormous amount of civil unrest, racial warfare and public dissent in the streets across America and in the mainstream media about the ongoing investigation which, at the present time, has yet to provide completely convincing evidence on either side of the issue.

WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE?  More blacks were killed by blacks(not whites or Hispanics) in 2009 than all the men and women killed in the Afghanistan war!

Where were these three race-baiters then?  

But this threesome, Obama, Jackson and Sharpton, are no strangers to race baiting and rather than throw brickbats at the law enforcement and judicial authorities still investigating the case, they should spend their time trying to figure out a way to assist the black community with its own black on black crime, marital, illegitmate children and drug problems.

Otherwise, these three will appear on the scene again and again to argue that all of the black community’s problems stem from the white community.

These three have done more to further polarize the national discussion on race relationships – jetting around the country to insert themselves into issues that the black and white communities should be settling by themselves.

A “reverend” such as Sharpton or Jackson(both of whom have very sordid records as supposed church leaders in keeping their own houses clean – and as discussed below) belong in a church environment, dispensing words of salvation and healing rather than being in everyone’s faces with judgmental, accusatory  statements well before any formal investigation of this or other possible crimes are complete.

Jesse Jackson sticking his nose into a place where it doesn’t belong…

And President Obama needs to keep his mouth shut and tend to our nation’s problems rather than sticking HIS nose into a single incident that local and state authorities need to resolve.

This is another “beer summit” where Obama dispensed judgement without all the relevant information and prior to any formal investigation.

As a president to “all the people” as he said he would be, let us see him now make public statements about every suspect crime in the nation…perhaps black against white…likely that statement will not happen…only those which have divisive undertones like the one that he has put his nose into in Florida.

Why the black community continues to look to these race baiters to mend potentially damaged relationships between the black and white communities is simply due to a lack of character  – as clearly shown by pre-eminent leaders of the black community speaking out in the following text.  

As long as the black community relies on such “in your face” attitudes by these three race -card carrying activists, progressive civil rights laws and relationships with others will continue to be set back generations.

A notable exception has been Bill Cosby – pointing out the failings of the black community as well as the rush to racist conclusions by both the media and other black leaders….So, what does Cosby get in return?  Being shouted down by other black leaders who don’t want their “golden  goose” race cards disfigured by anyone….even another prominent black person…

Clearly, the black community has to decide whether reality or false race issues will be the dominant theme of their ongoing struggles with marriage, drug and crime problems.


Jesse Jackson, a known serial adulterer(of course,  you already knew that), similar in this regard to Martin Luther King Jr. (yup!) who, instead of his wife, preferred random prostitutes and bestiality with women, (I’ll bet you didn’t know that) and “Reverend” Jackson, who was fathering a child out of wedlock(bet you didn’t know that either) at the same time he was hypocritically giving “matrimonial advice” to  President Clinton regarding Clinton’s oral sex affair with Monica Lewinsky(which everyone knew about), is now presuming to provide economic recovery guidance for the country.

Urgent: Find this girl’s father. You can help!

Unfortunately, it has become all to frequent that a man will father a child and then run off.

Many times without paying any child support.

The girl in this picture will face many challenges in life because she has no father in her life.

If you know who her father might be, please contact the police immediately.

JESSE JACKSON and his mistress Karin Stanford (circled) pose with Clinton and other Rainbow Coalition staffers on December 3, 1998 — five months before Jesse’s love child was born. Rev. Jackson is “ministering” to the President for Clinton’s adultery.

Jackson, who claims to be an ordained minister, has made a career out of preaching to inner city youth about avoiding drugs, crime and unmarried children.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

Jessie Jackson, his pregnant mistress and his wife…no shame  here!

According to the Rev. Jesse Peterson, head of the Los Angeles-based civil rights group BOND, or Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny

“it is not a big surprise that (Reverend) Jesse Jackson has committed adultery,” and that his actions are unfortunately “all too typical” of “black ministers(read Jackson, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King Jr.) and politicians in the black community.”

“The black community will accept and defend Jackson’s sexual escapade as they did with Bill Clinton. This is the reason black Americans are suffering today — not due to racism, but rather because of the lack of character,”

Peterson said in a blistering statement released by his organization.

Now, Jesse Jackson is saying that we need a huge cash “handout” to the black and poor to create more jobs…actually, Jackson doesn’t explain how an envelope full of cash in the  mailbox for each black and poor person creates jobs—-but never mind, he is “all knowing” when it comes to the needs of the black and deprived communities – and warns(read “encourages”)  of rioting in the streets if the black and poor communities don’t get their big envelope of cash in the mailbox.

(Memo to Jesse Jackson – Obama has been doing this with hundreds of billions of our tax dollars and still cannot create any more private sector jobs).

Jesse Jackson’s Job Creation System – an envelope full of cash in the mailbox for each of the poor, the black and the downtrodden…

Jackson, consistent with his past exploits, has been a recent, active participant in encouraging “Occupy” groups to continue their “campouts”and expressions of hate and outrage against financial institutions such as banks and Wall Street.

He fails to tell these protestors that it was the White House which initiated the Wall Street bailouts and it was Obama himself, as a “community organizer” in Chicago, who led and encouraged demonstrations against financial institutions which had previously refused to provide low cost home loans to individuals who clearly had no visible means to pay back mortgages on those homes… a major factor in our current financial recession…

Jesse Jackson, looking like he is on drugs… encouraging “Occupy” anarchists…

The black community has suffered terribly under Jackson and other black leaders who consistently play the “race card” or who, like Al Sharpton, are  “race baiters”  every time they open their mouth –  something a preacher like him should not even be thinking of doing – running around the country in private jets and limos while subtly encouraging racial unrest by agitating the poor and black communities to demand more from the rich, etc.

Jesse Jackson playing the race card – once again…

I have a lot of really great black friends and business associates, but when I look beyond them to Obama, Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, I see more and more racial division being created by not so subtle race warfare activities – designed to dichotomize the different races(whether latino, black or white) and economic position(poor, rich, super rich) and an active attempt to play the modern Robin Hood and take from the rich and distribute to the poor.

Al Sharpton – another disoriented,  angry black race baiter who constantly plays the “race card”…and consider the case of Twana Brawley.

Undeniably, this was one of the worst race hoaxes ever committed. A 15-year-old girl faked her own kidnapping and gang rape by “white men” in order to escape punishment from her parents for being somewhere she ought not have been.

When Al Sharpton got a hold of her, she became the rallying cry for racial justice in America. Sharpton pulled out all the stops and accused a District Attorney and police officers of being the rapists. One of the officers accused, Harry Crist Jr., had committed suicide before he was named in the attack and his memory was dragged through the mud causing untold pain and humiliation to his family.

Eventually the truth came out and Sharpton had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Somehow, he still is allowed to be a leader in the black community. Go figure…

Chief card-carrying race baiter and race divider…

There are plenty of jobs out there as one can see by looking at the classified sections of any newspaper in the country – to say there aren’t any  jobs(as Jackson and Obama claim) is to be disengenuous at best and a liar at worst – and for Jackson to say that the distribution of envelopes of cash to the poor and needy will create jobs tells you quite clearly how out of touch the black leaders of America are today with basic economics, job creation and unemployment.

My suggestion to Jesse Jackson, a known serial adulterer around the Washington Beltway,  is to keep your pants on when he’s not at home and pay more attention to his own family instead of meddling in things where he has no firm foundation…It’s a family story as old as time: adultery, anguish and atonement.

Last year about this time,  news broke of his son, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s extramarital relationship with a blond nightclub hostess –this is kryptonite in the world of the African-American woman—proving once again that the apple does not fall too far from the tree…

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Mistress Giovanna Huidobro(at least one of them) – like father, like son…


Jackson is now in a hospital for supposed physical and emotional issues that are long term according to hospital personnel.

Adulterer Jesse Jackson Jr. now undergoing emotional treatment and physical tests…problems likely in part due to marital infidelity…

Actually, at his age, chasing a mistress such as Giovanna above and keeping it secret from  his wife – while battling multiple demons in the political arena which have plagued him for some time – it is no wonder he is in a funny farm hospital bed – likely for an extended visit and psychiatric treatment.   The apple has fallen and now we see the results…



  1. Am I missing something? I have read through your site and you have some valid points but my question is why (with a very confused look on my face)? I am certainly no fan of Jesse Jackson, his son and all parties involved and their antics BUT why are many of your points and this site based on race? I am an educated black woman, all of my family and friends are educated, many with doctorates and hold positions of honor. I can’t relate to the type of “black people” you speak about because I don’t know those people. I am 40 years old and I don’t have a family member or friend that’s gone to jail. I do believe there are problems in the black race but I think there are fundamental problems in all races. You seem passionate about your beliefs. I am supportive and applaud your intensity, I just wish it didn’t seem so rooted in what appears to be distain for the black race. I wish you the best and thank you for reading.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful and carefully considered words…As I progressed from my early 30’s to close to retirement, many of my best friends were black – both in church and in industry…we went out canvassing for our Baptist church and we worked side by side with professional, highly intelligent blacks…this was a wonderful time. Somewhere in the middle of this time frame, the entire black movement was undermined and hijacked by a handful of so-called “leaders” who took the black community for a ride into a literal hell…an environment filled with hate for whites, and a driving desire to enshrine “entitlement”. You sound like an intelligent person and that is why I have a problem with your lack of vision as to what has happened to the black community in the last generation…crime, divorce, drugs and an inordinate number of black individuals driving social engineering activities from Washington and the White House. America elected what they thought was a black person to be president – yet by birth and heritage he is a white muslim – half white and 44 percent muslim. If there is a black element, it is less than 6 percent…yet he has pawned himself off as a black president and brought others into his inner circle to develop a social engineered agenda that demeans whites and creates a division between the races that did not exist prior to his inauguration…If you don’t see this social agenda and the increased division being developed by Obama and his minions, then you need to get down on your knees and pray to God that we have a revival in America because we have lost so many precious religious and constitutional freedoms under this so-called black person. I guess the tide turned for me when I began seeing these freedoms being destroyed by our current president – and so I now look at that race as supportive of a false leader – hopefully you are not in that category.

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