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Steve Jobs – an angry, visionary narcissist, wealthy but quite likely spiritually bankrupt…(another highly read blog)



Note:  this is one of our most popular blogs – and virtually weekly more sordid information is coming out regarding Steve Jobs – including government investigations into his business practices…including price fixing…

All is not lily white as many have been led to believe…stay tuned for updates as time is available to keep up the this flood of  new information.

Well – we didn’t have to wait long – now the government has laid massive price fixing on Apple’s doorstep – price fixing that was established by Steve Jobs…not really that clean, polished executive we have been lead to believe was a straight shooter…


I’ll likely get a lot of flack over this posting – but when life turns to death anywhere, it is important to ask if an individual’s life work will have temporal or eternal results…

The Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible says:

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.  James 4:14.

There is no question that Steve Jobs made a valuable contribution to both industry and the general population with his creative computational, communication and personal entertainment devices.  Yes, these devices dramatically changed our world, but did he and they change lives beyond the temporal, materialistic realm of digital devices?

Unlikely— is my conclusion since I have yet to uncover any redeeming personal characteristics which Jobs exhibited in the spiritual realm, other than his joy at walking through Zen gardens in Kyoto, Japan.

Here it is…the sum total of Steve Jobs’ spiritual world …

Harsh?  Perhaps – while each individual can choose to worship his own deity – but in doing so must be prepared to meet the only living God, Jesus Christ, at the Last Day.  Perhaps Jobs worshipped the simplistic character of the Eastern religions – perhaps he made a personal decision for Jesus Christ – but in all which has been written about Jobs there is no indication that he  chose the Christian way of life with Jesus Christ— over Buddism and the secular and materialistic world of Apple, its mesmerizing control of the leisure and workplace worlds and a typical rejection of orthodox Christianity that comes with unusual success and exposure to Eastern religions.

Actually, Jobs eschewed Christianity as a youngster and, like Tom Brady(New England Patriots) and my University of North Dakota classmate Phil Jackson(LA Lakers), became an adherent to the Zen variety of Buddhism.  As more and more comes out publicly about Jobs, who went to great pains to conceal his private early life of drugs, extramarital affairs and later ventures into Eastern religions, we see a continued questioning of authority and an adoption of a highly anti-social persona, both of which were derived directly from his Buddhist beliefs.

Steve Jobs signaling to the world from his Lotus position that he has made his spiritual choice in life…

While a successful person is alive, we generally give him a pass as they say, particularly if he has been placed on an artificial business or political pedestal.  However, as that person passes on into eternity, we begin to find out if and how his or her relationships with people were positively or adversely affected by their spiritual outlook and moral compass.

Jobs was a master of anger, angst and a consummate control freak, driving good people to tears and out of his companies – while simultaneously displaying contempt for conventional medical treatment which might have saved his life.

This contempt the public is now learning about extended to competitive organizations who Jobs believed, right or wrong, had in some manner taken one of his pet ideas and put it to work in a rapidly expanding digital marketplace.

The November 7, 2011 issue of Fortune Magazine carried an extensive look into Job’s private life and his relationship with individuals such as Bill Gates.  The insight of this Fortune article was extraordinary and clearly illustrated the clinical bipolar problem afflicting Jobs.  Had such a medical condition been discussed by the media during Job’s tenure at Apple, things might have turned out quite different with respect to the public perception of his management and sales skills.  Alas, the media tends to push such issues as executive bipolar conditions under the rug – and they are not uncovered until later, as in the multiple expositions now available on Jobs.

Jobs’ Buddhist training resulted in a complete rejection of conventional authority and instead focussed on an egocentric, introspective, intuitively based, self-centered and highly confused bipolar search for subjective authority which naturally leads to a denial of any objective authority for all things, including morality.

While his girlfriend(and later wife) was pregnant, he was known to ask friends if he really should be marrying his former girlfriend Tina Redse instead of his currently pregnant one…

“…who was prettier, Tina or Laurene…and who should I marry?”  

He probably figured it out while he was soaking his feet(barefoot at work sometimes) in the office toilet, as he was regularly accustomed to doing.

As the new book on Jobs describes, the objectively communicated orthodox Christian belief that he may have had during childhood faded into a subjective Eastern belief where, as in today’s freewheeling secular world,  the individual becomes his own arbitrator of right and wrong.  The NIH(not invented here) syndrome is endemic in individuals who follow this path of self-centered authority and a bipolar condition tends to amplify these attitudes.

The Buddhist thinking also blurs the concepts of moral accountability in an afterlife and replaces it with a passive approach to traditional religious issues, resulting in all types of interpersonal chaos as one can see in Jobs’ biographic history as well as in the list of popular narcissistic individuals listed below.

His lack of solid relationships with his daughters, sister and especially his biological father who he openly loathed, reflects again the attempted infusion of subjective Buddhist thinking into a Western mind – talk about confusion…

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I The Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me; And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love Me, and keep My Commandments” (Exodus 20:4-6 KJV)

In truth, if  consumer laws requiring full disclosure were applied to the “sale” of religions, Buddhism would probably be left on the shelf.  With the Buddhist adoption of Hindu karma and re-incarnation, perhaps Jobs believed he would be reincarnated as some sort of advanced digital device, heretofore unknown to mankind(“iPope” is the current favorite).

Buddaha(aka Siddhartha and later Gautama Buddha) died of dysentary at the age of 80 and like the rest of the unsaved world, will be raised bodily to answer to Jesus Christ at the Great White Throne judgement why he rejected the Christian path(of which he certainly knew of from Old Testament writings available at that time) and instead chose to lead untold millions down a blind alley of karma, reincarnation and idol worship, a path which the Buddhist Church of America says..

“…is  one where patience and perserverence matter more than the blood of crucifixion, that of (God) sacrificing his own being on the cross and  (that) God is not a creator…(He) does not  judge or punish…is not trancendent; and is not a deity of fear and mercy”.

That will indeed be a lot to answer for inasmuch as such a confused and convoluted theology is truly a dead end and one which will  find those untold hundreds of millions separated from God for eternity.

Back at Apple(and Next), Jobs was a micro-managing, controlling genius who consistently denigrated  and unravelled relationships with his competitors as well as subordinates, regularly parked in the handicapped space and forced any number of aspiring engineers to leave Apple and his other ventures because they would not agree with his personal and consistent decision making process…”… my way or the highway”, as someone coined some  time ago.

Typical Steve Jobs reaction to dissent from the commoners…

The ingenious devices that Jobs helped create will not assist him when he stands before Jesus Christ some day – where the proposition of Luke 12:48 will be reiterated:

…to whom much is given, much will be required”...

There will be no Apple iPods, iPhones or iPads in the judgment hall of that Last Day for him to bring forth as evidence, only a record of whether he accepted Jesus Christ as personal saviour and then what he did with that knowledge and gift that was given to him on earth – that of a great marketeer where he could easily have influenced millions with just a few simple words of spiritual truth or guidance.

A few months before he died, Jobs was talking with Walter Issacson(Steve Jobs) about the meaning of life and the existance of God:

 “I’m about 50-50 on believing in God; for most of my life, I’ve felt that there must be more to our existence than meets the eye”.

Isn’t that sad?  This man had spent a lifetime searching the planet for a Higher Authority, and the best conclusion he could draw was there is “more to our existance than meets the eye”.

During one of his last conversations with Isaccson, Jobs mused about how he’d like to believe something great was in store for humans after they die.  Then again, he stated:

“…perhaps life is like an on-off switch.  Click! And then you’re gone.”

Sad, isn’t it?  Steve Jobs transformed human existence with his technology, but he never figured out why humans exist. He never figured out whether there is a God.  Or if man was put on Earth for a specific reason.  Or if there is life after death.

This brilliant man died ignorant.  Even Steve Jobs himself knew there was a missing component to his extraordinarily successful life.

What was it?  Put simply, this man lacked a relationship with the one omnipotent, all-powerful living God!

We shall see Steve Jobs again someday – on Judgement Day – as the bible promises we surely will…just as we shall see other famous narcissists such as Obama, Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Karl Marx, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, Jim Jones, Saddam Hussein, Ghadaffi, Warren Beatty, Alex Baldwin, Pablo Picasso, Al Gore, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sharon Stone, Elvis Presley, William Shatner, OJ Simpson, Joan Crawford, Madonna, Napoleon, Rasputin, Howard Cosell, Mohammed Ali, King Henry the Eighth, Marlon Brando, Peter Sellers, Eva Peron, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump…well, the list could cover the entire page…with each of these narcisistic individuals being asked the same question as posted above –

“…what did you do with the talents of your life that will last for eternity …rather than only until the next version of the iPhone comes out?”

For all shall give account for his work – be it good or bad; and whether there is eternal or only temporal, materialistic value to our accomplishments…

Footnote: for those who write and claim that they know what Buddhism and Christianity are and who state that the above blog is incorrect and misrepresents Buddhism and Christianity, we recommend they study up…their time at the Great White Throne will come…and then it will be too late to figure out the facts from the fiction…



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