Posted by: conservativecritic | October 21, 2011

Obama using the EPA to slow and stop domestic oil and gas production…(desperate moves so that Obama can sell us electric cars made from breakfast cereal boxes)

Note:  without a tinge of concern, Obama lied in Oklahoma this last week about the Keystone XL pipeline – a complete Environmental Impact Study was done months and months ago by State and Interior Departments.  Obama falsely claims this was not done….Perhaps he should stop flying around the country campaigning and playing golf and read the documents that pile up on his desk….


With a tacit wink and a nod, President Obama and his lackey Energy Secretary, Dr. Chu,  have released the dogs of doom in the EPA on the oil and gas industry – in an end run intended to throw more obstructions in the face of domestic energy production from oil and gas.

Obama and Chu - a concerted team effort to destroy the nation's natural energy resources...

Obama we can understand – he is betroved to the environmental lobby and has to throw them a bone now and then to ensure their votes.  Dr. Chu is the real idiot here – having come into the President’s cabinet openly stating that he is against nuclear, oil, gas and hydroelectric power for the USA.  And this is our “Energy Secretary”?

He even has an odd way of calculating the number of full time jobs the solar industry will generate – costing several billion dollars per job by last calculation – but never mind, its not his money – just a slush fund that we call stimulus.

Back to oil and gas.  Obama wants the EPA to employ aspects of the Clean Water act to limit the disposal of produced water returning to the surface with oil and gas – or flow back water the result of “fracking” or fracturing shale at incredible depths to release natural gas for extraction.

What Chu and Obama and the EPA hope you don’t ask is at what depth this bad water comes from and at what depth it can be reinserted into the ground via “injection wells”.   The answer is quite simple: aquifers which hold community water supplies are only a few hundred feet below the surface;  the fracking and disposal activity is thousands of feet below that – perhaps even ten thousand feet – with thousands of feet of solid rock preventing any intrusion of this bad water into drinking water aquifers.

Fracking occurs thousands of feet of solid rock BELOW regional aquifers...

Just in case the radical environmentalists didn't get it the first time...

The Marcellus shale field in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas hold enough natural gas to power the US for the next generation – while environmentalists are running around attempting to find test data which shows these bad chemicals are getting into tap water – and they are not having any luck.

Never mind, the pen is greater than the spoken word – and liberal news media in the USA parrot the EPA’s falsely based claims that tap water is catching on fire in people’s homes, that hundreds of thousands of homes in the area of these oil fields are potential areas for cancer or other diseases caused by this fracking process.

Until the false data being spit out by Obama, Chu and the EPA stops, the USA will continue to send its money and jobs overseas, increasing our dependency on foreign fuels at an accelerating rate while places like North Dakota maintains the lowest unemployment in the states due to extensive oil and gas exploration and extraction.

Existing Bakken Oil Reserves - larger than Saudi Arabia's...

Chu and Obama probably don’t know where North Dakota is and if they do they probably don’t know it gained statehood in 1898…and still remains one of the few states with a surplus in its budget, some of the lowest crime in the USA and an on-going effort to tap a shale oil reserve larger than that of Saudi Arabia.

However, since we live in an upside down world with Obama and his minions, these untapped natural resources will be ignored while Obama continues to throw billions at admittedly losing solar and wind projects – most of which will fail in the next few years, others even before they are built, complete with plans to shut down in a couple of dozen years because of “environmental concerns” about the kangaroo rat and the desert tortoise…and other scruffy rodents.

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  1. My husband is/will be accepting a job to work in ND. come March 2012, and this is what the Socialist Pigs want to do? Halt progress of much needed oil in America?? This is a Job that will put thousands of people to work, and I can’t say how much we need the oil, to become independent from other countries. This is what we are facing…A Socialist Muslim that wants the USA to FAIL. I’m sure wayne will respond more on this.

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