Posted by: conservativecritic | October 30, 2011

Obama exchanging foreign dictators for Muslim Brotherhood “democracies”

While the liberal media slobbers all over the Obama administration’s role in killing Ben Laden, Hussein and now Kadafy, the President and his inner circle(read US State Department/Hillary Clinton) begin moving huge amounts of money into the coffers of radical Muslim groups from Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya.

We discussed Obama’s close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in an earlier blog – it is not a pretty situation and one which is obviously escaping the general public’s view.  The “brotherhood” has vowed(in Egypt and elsewhere) to increase their jihad against Israel and the West – and here in the USA we seem to either be looking the other way because we are told that these folks are really looking for a democratic type of society.  And I have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale…cheap!!

Obama supporting radical muslim organizations - OUT IN THE OPEN!!!

Until we stop providing valuable tax dollars to those who consider us infidels, and start to seriously develop our own energy supplies instead of relying on Libya’s million barrel per day production, we will be funding tomorrow’s terrorists who will do anything necessary to inflict mortal physical and financial damage on the US.

A change in leadership in the US is needed and a new vision as to why and where “foreign aid” is distributed.  While such a vision may be beyond the reach in the near term, we need to remove the Muslim from the White House and get our foreign policy back on a track with “America First”, “…others if there is any money left”.

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