Posted by: conservativecritic | October 30, 2011

World Series Necklaces…fact or fraud?

After a barrage of false advertising claims against the company, Power Balance, the manufacturer of the strange, snake-like, multi-colored necklaces worn by many of the World Series baseball players, the company said this:

“We admit that there is no credible scientific  evidence that supports our claims* and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act of 1974”


* “…the Power Balance claims are that these (bands/beads/necklaces) will improve your STRENGTH, your BALANCE, and your FLEXIBILITY.  It will also imrpve your WELL-BEING, give you CLARITY OF THOUGHT, improve your STAMINA and  SPORTS PERFORMANCE”…Australian Researcher Richard Saunders.


Power Balance, an Australian company, achieved global popularity, in part because they were embraced by a parade of celebrities.  Dozens of professional athletes use them and have been  photographed or on TV wearing the bands.

Every so often, athletes are  conned into accepting “endorsement” fees from clever marketing organizations for discussing or using various items which purport to improve everything from hair growth to  one’s sex life…

Single and double blind studies, conducted on the owners of the company manufacturing the product showed that the product is clearly a fraud…”subtle energies” imparted by the device to stimulate the body’s “energy meridians” cannot even be measured by the most sensitive analytical devices available(like Scripps Institute, for example).

So, it is simply another New Age con job that the average citizen, caught up in a recessional environment with limited disposable income, gets trapped with…and, just because a lot of books and false advertising are being promulgated regarding these devices(ever hear of the world “shill”?) does not mean there is even a shred of scientific or medical evidence that these items produce the advertised results.

Wonder if you’ve been conned into buying some of this junk?


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