Posted by: conservativecritic | October 31, 2011

Green Industries and Their Jobs Programs…10 Reasons Why These Projects Fail…

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on poorly vetted, government backed(read “Obama”) ventures into various “alternative” or “green” energy projects – ranging from ethanol to  solar, wind, geothermal and  biomass systems.

The common denominator of all of these existing and proposed systems is that


The recent Solyndra solar debacle which has cost US taxpayers over $530 million and a half dozen more bankruptcies of other solar and wind projects in the last year, and more in the wind(no pun intended) has not deterred the government from plowing another billion dollars into additional solar projects which cannot be shown to be either profitable or have a long term effect on our energy dependency on conventional fossil fuels whether domestic or imported from countries who hate us(read Nigeria, Venzuela, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran,…the list continues).

So, why don’t these projects succeed.  Here are ten reasons these projects go sour and fail to materialize into technologies which could assist in our growing domestic and international energy needs.

(1)  Both domestic and international expansion of energy needs far  outstrips any reasonable or practical implementation of green or alternative energy systems to even account for more than 5 percent of the overall energy needs, now and in the future.

Myth - that green energy will become a significant portion of our future energy needs...

(2) Cronyism – A prime example being the Obama Administration’s funding of projects backed by large cash donors to Obama and the Democratic Party…There are probably laws against this…an independent counsel could dig this out in about 10 minutes.

Obama honored with "pay to play" award...

(3) Private Agendas – Once Al Gore and his minions began prompting the US government to infuse billions into “proving” that global warming was occurring and additional billions into selected corporations who would benefit(in addition to Gore) with such a energy model – the die was cast – and now it is difficult to reset the problem to the normal conditions that existed prior to the UN and Al Gore involvement.  Gore has made tens of millions of dollars on this false enterprise, he jets about the world and  has a 19,000 square foot home with a “carbon footprint” equivalent to some small cities…and extolls the rest of the world to employ energy conservation and “green” solutions.   What a hypocrite!

(4) Environmental misdirection – the entire green and alternative energy program is built on a now very unstable premise of “global warming”, which has, due to unpleasant and opposing information, been downgraded  to “climate change” or other “non-warming” nomenclature.  There is no question that duringthe  last 10 years of  highly industrial growth on a global basis has, in the data bases of NASA and other scientific data collection organizations, earth’s temperature has DECREASED.   The books and papers on this  convoluted UN-based wealth and resource distribution program of global warming is legion…read and be educated.

Al Gore's global warming fraud continues....together with the sad extermination of the polar bear population...

(5) Cooking the  books – with little or no oversight from uninterested private capital sources and little or no credible vetting of such business plans by the US Energy Department, it is easy to cook the projected income statements for these types of ventures.  The SEC should be on top of this…but, remember it is  the Obama Administration who is determining “winners or losers” in this game.

Obama - cooking the books...

(6) Lack of Cost effectiveness – even a quick look at the cost of electricity from alternative energy systems versus conventional scares away the average investor as well as venture capitalists who see red ink in the income and balance sheets even before they become operational.  When it costs 3-4 times more per kilowatt-hour to produce energy from solar or wind power, the losers will clearly be the middle and lower income people in the US – having to shoulder the burden of the US government playing a craps shoot with green energy companies.

(7) Inability to provide significant energy contributions – the ability of alternative energy systems to produce a measurable impact on our overall energy needs is virtually nil.

(8) Not In My Backyard(NIMBY) – the two faced response of environmentalists who scream and holler for alternative energy systems – and who scream and holler even harder when such systems are proposed for areas which the environmentalist has determined are more important to the livelihood of the Kangaroo rat and the desert tortoise than the welfare and growth of the country…The Kennedy family is a good example – pushing for wind power systems but complaining when such a system was planned for offshore from the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts…NOT IN MY BACK YARD!

Liberal's convoluted argument against America's natural energy sources...

(9) we cannot compete with the Chinese production of both solar panels and windmill systems – both of which are being produced 24/7 now in multiple facilities in that country.  For anyone to think that it will be profitable(and produce jobs) now or in the future to make such items in the USA – well, they must have been smoking some really bad stuff in the closet.

(10) there are few if any long term jobs which come by way of inanimate objects such as windmills and solar panels – once they are put in place.  Dr. Chu, the Secretary of Energy, pushed for government grants and loans in excess of $700 million which create approximately 50 long term jobs… The jobs?  cleaning solar panels – glorified window washers…trying to clean solar panels in the desert – where there is no clean water with which to clean the panels…perhaps we need to replace Chu before we replace Obama…at least call him to task in front of congress for such egregious and nonsensical use of public money…

What do you think.



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