Posted by: conservativecritic | November 7, 2011

Obama Continues Class Warfare – now its the Old vs. the Young…

The White House is now throwing around numbers, without crediting who wrote the report, about why older folks have more money than younger folks…well, Hello…how long did it take Obama to find another reason for spreading the wealth around?

The issue is now why  younger folks have more debt on their hands and have less money in their pockets than retirees or older working folks.  This strange new class warfare issue is another reason to suspect Obama and his minions of nefarious activities which pit one American class against another(remember, he said he was going to be a uniter instead of a divider…Liar)…

Younger folks have dipped into their supposed equity of real estate to overload their credit cards and create debt that an earlier generation was smart enough not to either imbibe in or was protected from the current real estate bubble.

Well – so what?  Even the prior generation started out poorer than their peers…this is proof enough that Obama is trying again to divide America and create additional “stress” that only the government can ease…by way of “stimulus programs” and other  give-aways which have shown ineffective in reducing unemployment lines.

Clearly, they have not gotten the message – the President is supposed to support ALL of the people, not only those who are just starting out and spent too much time in front of the TV and Blackberry while growing up…but also those who are approaching retirement and who created the capitalist, industrial machine that got us to the point just prior to this socialistic approach to spreading the wealth around…

what do you think?


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