Posted by: conservativecritic | November 24, 2011

Obama Stoking New Cold War With Russia…

More bad news from Obama’s “cordial” visit with President Medvedev in the sunny Pacific…Medvedev clearly sees Obama as a “lightweight talker” with little foreign policy experience and has threatened to target US and NATO European defense shields with Russian tactical nuclear weapons.

So, here we have our esteemed, fast-talking president, without his teleprompter making bigger enemies of both China and Russia – first with China and the additional troops and Pacific Fleet support operations in Australia – and secondly with the lack of any written policy to assure Russia that the additional buildup in Europe doesn’t threaten Russia.

Most Americans hoped that getting Obama away from Washington into the sunny Pacific for a few days of “trade talks” would keep him out of trouble – but with his lack of foreign policy experience he has gotten us on a fast track back into the Cold War.


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